“I Feel Unstoppable” – Simone Daly

Start Weight

13st 10lbs

Total weight loss

4st 2.5lbs

Now just

9st 8lbs



Class Coach:

Jean Kelly

Class Attended:


Gorgeous Simone Daly from Bray is feeling on top of the world, after beating post-natal depression, losing 4 stone and transforming her life!

I never struggled with my weight growing up and never really thought I would put on weight. I figured, if I did put on a few pounds, I’d get it off very quickly, but that wasn’t the case. My weight started to creep on after the birth of my second baby. I suffered very badly with post-natal depression and because of it, I didn’t care about my weight at the time. It didn’t enter into my head that the two were connected. I just wanted to stay in my house all day and not see anyone.

When people would ask how I was, I’d always say I was fine but I wasn’t. I am very close to my sister and my mother, who knew deep down I wasn’t ok. I had a difficult pregnancy and to learn that my daughter had a cleft palate and was deaf in one ear, completely threw me. It hit me right in the heart.

After a few months, my family persuaded me to go to the doctor for help. He prescribed anti-depressants and thankfully, I’ve been fine since. While I was feeling better in myself, my next step was to tackle my weight. I’d joined Unislim a few times previously but I didn’t have my head in the game at all. But in January 2016, I’d decided I’d had enough.

I walked into Jean’s Unislim class in Bray and said ‘I’m ready now. I’m not giving up this time’.

She said ‘I’m delighted to see you back’.

Stepping on the scales means you have ownership of your journey – you are answerable to yourself and your Leader supports you every step of the way. The class members become your friends and you always have someone to help you when you’ve had a bad day or need some extra encouragement.

I used to love chipper food especially at the weekend but now I’d rather make my own homemade burger and homemade chips. The Unislim plan changes your whole mindset. I am more mindful now about what I eat. Chocolate would have been my weakness, but now I know I can still enjoy it as a treat – I just don’t tuck in all the time.

My new healthy lifestyle changed my mental health and my outlook big time. I love to exercise now and get out walking 5 days a week. After I’ve had my dinner, I meet my sister Jade, who has also lost 5 stone with Unislim and we go for a walk. I see it as my therapy.

I feel so good about myself now and I love to go shopping and try on new clothes. I feel unstoppable!