Feed Yourself Fit

Let’s flip how you have ever thought about weight loss and food.  Food is just one piece of the puzzle.

Taking care of your nutrition, your mind and your fitness are the pillars of everything we do at Unislim. A happy mind, means healthy eating. An energized body makes better food choices. Nutritious food feeds your brain and revitalises your body. They all work in tandem. They all work for you.


You have taken the reins. By crossing our door, you have said loud and proud – I am doing this, I am in charge and I am going to succeed.

Your journey into great shape begins today.

At Unislim, we celebrate food and we relish feeling great. We have developed a simple plan to help you start this incredible journey into a slimmer and healthier you.

Because we all need a plan, right?  And we love it when a plan comes together.

The Plan is blissfully easy.

There are only 2 steps – FREE Foods & Bites. Simple as that.

No counting calories, weighing out portions or saying no to your favourite foods.

Each day you will eat 3 delicious, filling main meals and 2 healthy snacks – believe us, you will never be hungry.

Everything is on the menu, including FREE healthy carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, pasta and rice, as well as your favourite treats like chocolate and wine!

Did we mention how easy it was?

Join Our Community

When you join a Unislim class, you become part of the community. Part of the club.

Because having a team of friends cheering you on will spur you on to succeed.

We won’t let you go it alone. At our fun, motivating classes you can expect to be inspired every week, you will leave with delicious recipe ideas and tips from your leader and class members.

You can also expect to have a giggle and feel the support of a leader who knows exactly how to get you to your personal target weight. Our leaders have been there, they know the score, they are real people who have their own weight loss stories to share. They understand.

During the week you will be buffered with support through our social media communities and our brand new, exclusive, members only Club Hub app.

Joining Fee

When you join, you will be given all of the tools you need to kickstart your weight loss and start seeing results fast. Including our brand new Feed Yourself Fit book.

New or Rejoining Members: €25 (including weekly fee) at your first class.

Weekly Fee: €10


Student/OAP New or Rejoining Members:  €15 (including weekly fee) at your first class

Student/OAP Weekly Fee: €8


So what are you waiting for, let’s get you started now!

Join your nearest Unislim Class here.

Can’t find a class close to you? Buy a Slim@Home pack for €56.50 and get started on your weight loss journey while we work on getting a class set up in your area.  Call 1850 603020 to order yours.