How it Works

What you can expect

When you join a class at Unislim, you’re not just joining a weight-loss programme, you’re joining a whole community of people looking to live healthier and happier lives. Classes are great fun and it won’t be long until you’re succeeding at losing weight together.

What You’ll Get

Once you’re signed up, you can enjoy:

- Motivational class talks
- Meeting your coach at weekly confidential weigh-ins
- Our NEW Flexifast plan to boost your weight-loss.
- Our brilliant Balance plan to follow
- Your Let’s Get Moving exercise book
- Receive your Hello Happy – 12-week journal
- Track food and activity, monitor your progress
- Support from all your fellow Unislim members
- Our easy-to-use, inspirational app.

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Our Plans

As well as your classes you’ll be working to these great plans, all designed to be in balance with your busy lifestyle. So you can lose weight and still enjoy all the things you love.

NEW Flexifast plan

This fantastic new plan can accelerate your weight loss by using a clever body hack. Simply fast for fourteen hours overnight twice a week to get your metabolism and digestive system working more efficiently for you.

Balance plan

Our Balance plans ensures you can live it, love it and still lose it. It gives you the freedom to enjoy all the foods you love in a healthy, balanced way.

Let’s Get Moving exercise plan

Make exercise your friend with this plan. You don’t have to run marathons to feel the benefits, just 30 minutes a day helps. You’ll pick up lots of great tips and healthy habits here.

Hello Happy 12-week journal

Happiness is subjective, but there’s no better companion when trying to lose weight. This great journal helps you feel more grateful and have a happy mindset each and every day.

Join Unislim

– Classes with motivational talk
– Our New Flexifast plan
Balance plan
– 7-day food tracker
Our inspirational app

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