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The Unislim story began 47 years ago in a small parish hall room back in 1972 to today having over 300 classes, in towns in every corner of the country.

Who would have thought that a chat and a cuppa around a kitchen table between my mum, Agnes McCourt and her friends, would have turned into the first healthy living movement in Ireland. No one else was doing it, it was a completely different concept for the era, but my parents believed they could make a difference. So much so, they both quit their pensionable jobs as teachers and embarked on a big adventure, a dream to help people live healthier lives. It was almost unthinkable, but they made it happen.

Making things happen is what we do. And it’s what you will do.

At Unislim, you will find the helping hand you need. The motivation and support from our amazing leaders.

For the times you have said “if I could just get my head into it” or “I’ll start Monday” – well, Monday has arrived.

In the 10 years since my mum handed “her baby” over to me, making things happen for our members has become my personal passion. We have grown. We have embraced technology. We have moved and grooved with the latest studies. We have worked with the top experts. We became the experts. We threw out the rule book that says that weight loss just comes down to what you eat. It doesn’t. Food is just one piece of the puzzle. Taking care of your nutrition, your mind and your fitness are the pillars of everything we do. A happy mind, means healthy eating. An energized body makes better food choices. Nutritious food feeds your brain and revitalises your body. They all work in tandem. They all work for you.

Thank you for choosing Unislim to help you on your own exciting adventure.  We promise to be your biggest cheerleader, your coach, your guides and your friends.

You are in safe hands.

Fiona Gratzer x



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