Live it, love it… and lose it

Want to know more? Here’s How it works

Feel good about your mood

Living a healthier lifestyle has been proven to improve your mood and help you cope better with life’s craziness. That’s on top of loving your new weight!

Feel great about your weight

Losing weight boosts your confidence, self-esteem and gives you more energy to enjoy life. It’s not all about fitting into your favourite jeans… but that helps too!

Feel satisfaction from every action

Losing weight is a big achievement, so you should celebrate every positive step towards a healthier, happier you. Once you start, you’ll be unstoppable!

How it Works

Getting started with Unislim is easy. A new, slimmer you is just these 3 simple steps away.

1. Find a class & join

Simply find a class near you, then either sign up online, or at your first class. We’ve got hundreds of classes all over Ireland, so it’s easy to find one. Alternatively, you can try our much-loved Slim at Home programme.

2. Receive your starter pack

When you arrive at your first class, you’ll get a starter pack which includes fantastic weight-loss plans. You’ll also get exclusive access to our inspirational app.

3. Get on track at your class

Here, you'll meet your amazing coach, who'll set your weight-loss goals and motivate you to becoming a healthier you. Plus, you’ll meet lots of members going through the same journey as you.

Join Unislim

Live it, love it… and lose it

– Classes with motivational talk
– Our New Flexifast plan
Balance plan
– 7-day food tracker
Our inspirational app

Want to know more? Here’s How it works

More Ways to Lose Weight

Try these great alternatives to doing our classes

Slim at Home

If you can’t make our classes then our Slim at Home programme gives you all the information, support and guidance to successfully lose weight at home. Plus, you’ll get instant access to our Unislim app.

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Online Coaching

Prefer a little extra support? We can help you with one-to-one coaching from one of our expert coaches. You’ll enjoy one weekly 20 minute session over four weeks, at a time of your choosing.

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Slim at Work

Want us to come to your workplace? We’d love to visit and encourage a healthy work environment for you and all your colleagues. We’re super flexible to suit your needs, so get in touch.

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Celebrating Success

We love celebrating our member’s successes. Feel inspired by their stories below:

Unislim has completely changed my life!

Read Bernie's story

I am so proud of myself

Read Julie's Story

My life is in technicolour now!

Read Eithne's Story
5st 0.5lbs
Become a Coach

Become a Unislim Coach

Want to help people near you succeed in losing weight? We’d love you to inspire them.

- An excellent weekly income.
- Flexible hours to suit you and your lifestyle.
- Full training and ongoing support from our expert team.
- A rewarding career with complete job satisfaction

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