May Day, May Day! It’s almost the May Bank Holiday weekend,

We want you to have a fun, enjoyable weekend and to stay on track while doing so. That’s why we’ve compiled our 7 top long weekend survival tips to get you in the zone for the days off ahead.

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Eating Out Like A Pro

Enjoying a meal at one of your favourite restaurants is something that you might not have time to do during your busy week so it’s a great way to celebrate the weekend. Our Balance plan gives you the ability to make great choices when eating out – however, a little preparation before you head out will help you to eat out more healthily.

Most restaurants have their menus online, so take a sneak peek at what’s on offer in advance. This will stop you from making quick decisions on the spot or from being tempted by the aromas in the restaurant.

When it comes to choosing your sides, make healthy swaps like chips for a baked potato, white bread for whole wheat bread and onion rings for a side salad.

Remember your 1/4 of a plate rule!

Hitting The Tiles

Weekends are the time when we get a chance to dress up and enjoy nights out with our friends.

If you’re going to a party, it may be full of platters of finger food and yummy cake is guaranteed to be in abundance. Eating before you leave the house will help you to feel satisfied so that you can resist the temptation of the food table and spend more time being a social butterfly.

Don’t forget, dancing is a great way to earn extra bites without even noticing. Request the DJ to play your favourite songs and take full advantage of that dance floor!

Sip Smart

Most people enjoy a tipple on the weekend. It’s important to be aware of what you’re ordering at the bar so that you can stay within your bites:

  • Keep it simple, order light beers, wine or spirits with zero calorie mixers – as opposed to fruity or colourful cocktails.
  • Try drinking a glass of sparkling water in between alcoholic drinks. Not only will it slow down the amount of alcohol you intake, but by keeping hydrated, you lessen your chance of a hangover – you will thank us the next day!
  • Simply adding ice to your drink will dilute it and stretch it out a bit further.


Start The Day With A Spring In Your Step

We know that the weekends are all about lie-ins and relaxing but adding a little exercise in will make you feel even better and help you to stay on track.

Start your morning the best possible way by doing some physical activity. By getting it in early, you’re more likely to make healthy choices for the rest of the day.

Use your free time to take your pooch on a good walk, try an Active8 workout or even just play with the kids. The most important thing is to get moving!

Get Prepped!

Just because you don’t have the same structure on weekends as you do weekdays doesn’t mean that you stop living a healthy lifestyle at 5 pm on Friday evening.

Healthy eating is a way of life so it’s important to be consistent.

Planning ahead is just as easy to do on weekends as it is during the week as is tracking what you eat.  Have your fridge stocked with plenty of Free Foods, healthy carbohydrates and your favourite Bite-friendly snacks, so no matter what you feel like tucking into – you have a healthy option to hand.

Treat yourself

You deserve a treat after working hard all week but why not reward yourself with something other than food? Enjoy a relaxing massage, a trip to the movies or a new outfit instead.

If you want to treat yourself to your favourite food that’s great too, just in moderation.

Remember, if you have a slip up, don’t let it set you back for the whole weekend, just make sure your next meal is a healthy one and get yourself right back on track.

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