Well the weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean that getting active is out of the question until Spring comes back around. These days, there are loads of ways to get active indoors, and they are pretty fun too! Check out our top 8 exercises for you to try this winter….

1 Get Bouncing

Unleash the kid in you and hop to the nearest trampoline.  Just six minutes on a trampoline is the equivalent to running about a mile. Visit your nearest indoor trampoline park to try it.

2 Just Dance

Dancing is by far our favorite way to get active here in Unislim. Get adventurous and take a class in a style you’ve never tried before, you never know, you might be a natural at African jazz fusion! If classes don’t interest you, then simply pump up the volume on your favorite songs and dance like no one is watching!

3 Put On Some Gloves

If dancing is not your thing, why not go all tom-boy and give boxercise a go? A few rounds in the ring provids a full-body workout as you duck, block, and throw punches.

4 Spinning Around

If you love to cycle but the cold weather and icy roads are stopping you from getting out on your bike, then a Spin class might be for you. These indoor cycling classes will strengthen your thighs, calves, and even your core while helping keep your bones strong.

5 Row, Row, Row

Rowing is an excellent way to tap under-utilised muscle groups and condition the entire body. In addition to strengthening your legs, the rowing machine will also challenge your arms, back, shoulders and glutes.

6 Splash Around

Dig out that swimming suit and head to your local gym or community center’s indoor pool.  This low-impact exercise allows us to exercise longer without straining our muscles. It’s also been proven to improve your overall mood!

7 Get Zen

Give your mind and body a workout with yoga. Believed to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, yoga also improves strength. If you want to define your core and increase flexibility, Pilates is a great option that is widely available nowadays.

8 Climb Some Walls

Rock climbing walls that is! Rock climbing is getting more popular all the time because of its fantastic fitness benefits. Not only does it work the arm muscles, but it activates the legs, back, and shoulder muscles as well. It’s also super duper fun so get a group of your friends together and see who’s first to the top!



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