Yesterday marked the introduction of the sugar tax, a new tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. The tax is aimed at tackling the increasing levels of obesity in Ireland. It is hoped that the tax will encourage people to opt for healthier drinks and that drink production companies will bring products containing less sugar to the market as a result.

Certain drinks are set to increase by up to 60c. The rate of tax will be applied at 30c per litre for drinks that have over 8gs of sugar per 100mls, 20c for drinks with 5g – 8g of sugar per 100mls. Drinks with less than 5g of sugar per 100mls will stay the same.

The drinks that will be affected are soft drinks, some flavoured waters, carbonated waters, energy and sports drinks, juice-based drinks. There will also be some concentrated products that will be liable for the tax (for example, cordials and flavoured syrups).

The great news is that 76% of drinks sold on the Irish market are actually not liable for this tax. This is because many of the drink corporations have already been working to reduce the sugar in their drinks. According to the head of the Irish Beverage Council between 2005 -2012 ten billion calories have been removed every year from the national diet, as a result, of sugar reduction in soft drinks.

Healthier drink options lead to happier people!

Lucky for Unislim members diet, zero and free products will not be affected. These drinks are already FREE on our Feed Yourself Fit plan. So, you can still enjoy your favourite soft drinks without having to pay more, or spend your Bites. By being a member of Unislim you’re already living the healthier lifestyle that this tax is hoping to encourage. You are already ahead of the curve!

Better yet, our best advice is to always opt for water. Staying hydrated will not only help you stay more alert, feel healthier and cleanse your body,  it also aids to your weight loss. Aim to drink at least 7 glasses of water each day.


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