How Aishling got her Pre-Baby Body Back

New mamas have been shaping up with us since the 1960's!
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Baby Joy & Baby Weight..

New mum Aishling Rohan, from Unislim Portlaoise, had reached her target weight after baby number 1. She knew the plan worked for her. However, she had gained baby weight throughout the pregnancy after having her beautiful baby boy in March, and wanted to get back to ‘feeling herself’ again.


– Aishling while pregnant with her baby boy!


In May she joined Unislim and jumped in headfirst – sticking to the plan of delicious recipes and bucket-loads of support.

So, what worked the first time around?

“I did try other weight loss clubs before, low carb, no carb… I am on a gluten-free diet as I’m coeliac. The reason Unislim works so well for me is that it’s a very practical approach to healthy eating. So many free foods, weigh your carbs and bite the extras. That’s it! Plain and simple.

By weighing your food you learn a lot about portion control. By counting the bites you realise some things are just not worth having – when there are many healthier alternatives available.

I eat 3 meals a day, and two snacks. Simple as!

If I have a meal or a day off plan, I just carry on as before. No cutting stuff out to make up for it! Breda (Unislim leader) is a big reason that it works so well for me. She’s just brilliant.”


– 1 week after giving birth.


So, what did Aisling learn while losing weight after baby number 1? 

“The main difference in losing the weight before and this time, has been being prepared! Beforehand, I would buy a few groceries, eat whatever was in the fridge and I would eat out a lot!

This time round – it’s all about being prepared. I do one big grocery shop every week and everything gets used up by the end of it. We what meals we like and I know what meals take time to prepare. One must keep in mind what can be done in a hurry, all depending on our little man’s form on any particular day!

Before, when I was finished one meal I would start thinking of the next straight away! Now, that’s not an issue as I don’t have time. Another big difference for me, was that I promised myself this time I’d commit to tracking 100%!

Some days I use all my bites, some days I still go over them; but by writing it down I know not to make a habit of it, or how to make up for it with some exercise.

Best for Aisling and baby..

I had gained a lot of weight while pregnant, and everyone was telling me not to worry about it and focus on the baby. One person even said to me “oh, you got a section, so you have a big tummy now, and you will never lose it”.

I feel that by going back to Unislim and focusing on my weight loss I am doing the best for my baby and me. He’s not even 4 months and his mammy is full of energy, healthy and happy.

I’m not sure how it would have been better for him if I had allowed my pregnancy gain to be permanent.

I’m very glad I went back to Unislim, and look forward to continuing my journey of reaching my target again!

-After only only 2 months on the Unslim plan.

Where does she get the time?

“In terms of making time for things; If my son is having a good day and will sit in his chair for me – I can cook something that takes a bit more time.

But, I have days where he is in bad form so I will do something quick like a stir fry or a carbonara, where I will either have chopped fresh peppers, onions and mushrooms in the fridge, or I will use frozen versions of these that can be bought now in Tesco and Dunnes.

In terms of hydration, I drink a lot of tea in the day and try to drink a large glass of water with each meal.

Positive thinking is a very important one! I had a c-section, found it very tough and was quite sore for a while after it. There were times when I felt I could get down about it all, but I just kept thinking that I wanted to be able to keep up with my little guy when he started running around!

Once I hit the 6 weeks postpartum mark the recovery was much better, I went back to Unislim, and a loss on the scales every week kept me very positive.

There was 4-6 really tough weeks where our little man would scream non stop due to the reflux. Those days were tough, but the class in Portloaise was an amazing support! “

Trying to lose weight after baby like Aishling?

The simplicity of our Feed Yourself Fit eating guide and our Lets Get Moving exercise manual means that in no time you will be enjoying healthy meals, moving more, losing that baby weight and feeling great!

This side by side picture shows Aishling’s weight loss in just 12 weeks – showing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Aishling was 14st 7lb when she was induced. She is now only 1 pound off her target of 10 stone!

Still not sure if the Unislim plan works for you? Read more about it and find a class in your area to get started!





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