Here at Unislim, we know that the weight-loss journey is not only about food, but taking care of your whole body holistically.

So to spread the word, we took to the streets with Ruth Field.

Ruth is infamously known as The Grit Doctor, the ass-kicking author of the 2012 ubiquitous book Run Fat Bitch Run and The Irish Times contributing writer.  We are thrilled to have Ruth on our Team at Unislim HQ, where she worked side by side with us on the Let’s Get Moving Book.

Ruth joined Fiona Gratzer, the Unislim HQ crew and some members and leaders from across the country for a 3km run in the heart of Dublin city; followed by a delicious health filled lunch in the Charlotte’s Quay Restaurant. A fantastic day – filled with motivation and support!

The new Let’s Get Moving book is a massive part of your journey to better health and weight loss.

Imagine a pill that if taken daily could strengthen your heart, reduce stress and anxiety, help with weight loss and much more – would you take it? Of course you would. Exercise is that pill!

The most important part of the routine is developing the habit. All that involves is only 30 minutes per day 5 times a week!

So how do you get started?

Simple – finish reading this and head outside for a brisk 10/20/30 minute walk, and hey presto; you’ve begun!  No going back now – you have commenced your journey to being a regular exerciser!

When you join Unislim you will receive your own Let’s Get Moving Plan at your class, that includes the Get Moving Circuit that you can do from home – helping you to tone and feel energised.

The key to it, is to remember as Ruth says “ It should be an ordinary thing to do – not a big deal”. It’s like taking a shower or getting up for work.

Once you get started,  tell us about your new habit on our new Club Hub App – Our members only app to help you track all your meals, Bites and to get the best support while sharing your journey with other Unislim members.

So, let’s get moving!






















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