Success Stories

“I have a whole new outlook on life”- Natalie O’Neill

After Before
Class Coach: Deirdre Hayes McCann
Class Attended: Cahersiveen
Start Weight 15st 8lbs
Total Wight Loss 5st 7lbs
Now just 10st 1lbs
My Story


Blonde bombshell Natalie O’Neill is on top of the world. Since losing 5 stone 7 lbs, her newfound confidence has led her to a brand new job and a love of food and cooking that she never thought possible.

I wasn’t overweight as a child, in fact, my weight didn’t really affect me until 2004. After some health complications and an underactive thyroid and PCOS, plus feeling completely stuck in a rut with my job, food became my go-to comfort source. I would come home in the evenings feeling drained and unhappy, and not in the humour to cook. I would reach for the quickest option, like a bar of chocolate, packet of crisps, or call the local takeout.

The weight started to creep up and up. And going out at night became harder and harder. I would spend hours getting ready, trying to find something that would disguise my body. I felt unattractive and undesirable. One night over Christmas 2014 at the local nightclub, I overheard some guys joking about me referring to me as “the overweight girl”. It broke my heart, ruined my night and I went home feeling terrible.

I spent my Christmas cropping photos of myself to chop out my arms, legs, anything to make myself look slimmer, but made a resolution that 2015 was going to be my year.

I decided, enough was enough.

I joined Unislim a few days later in January and took my first steps to the new me. I’ll be honest, I was nervous at my first class, but it just so happened that my first class was also my Leader Deirdre’s first class too – she had just become a leader and everyone in the class was starting fresh. There was something lovely about that – a real sense of community that we were all embarking on this new journey together. The class was busy and full of excitement and I really enjoyed the buzz of it.

Having tried so many other slimming clubs in the past, I knew from the start that this time it was different. Beforehand, I really wasn’t educated about food. I was never taught about nutritional benefits or how I could actually make myself feel better with food.  I began to learn how to eat right, to listen to my body and to make choices that weren’t just about weight loss, but for health reasons too. My energy levels and my mood started to improve immediately!

When it came to cooking, I wasn’t savvy in the kitchen. I would buy jars of ready-made sauces and soups, and I really didn’t have a clue about herbs or spices or how to use them in dishes. Now, I cook everything myself and I love it. I experiment with recipes all the time and if there is something I really love, I set myself a challenge to make my own version – Unislim style. My favourites would be Chicken Goujons, Lasagne, Pasta Bakes and Spaghetti Bolognese.

I used to eat breakfast on the go, throwing some “diety” cereal into a bowl and eat fast. Now, I allow time for breakfast and always work in extra food like yoghurt and berries, so I am full and satisfied before I leave the house.

The Unislim plan has helped me focus on my mental health too.

Beforehand, if I felt down, I would reach for comfort food, now, I pop my earphones in and get out for a walk to clear my head. I always arrive home feeling more in control and energised. I love Unislim’s Hello Happy journal, it has helped me change my outlook on life.

I can clearly remember telling myself “why bother, with my thyroid issues and PCOS, I’ll never lose the weight”, well, how wrong was I! I now have a new life, a new way of eating, a new way of thinking about food, a new job which I love and a whole new outlook on life. And it feels incredible.



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