This year, we have seen many changes. From our Balance Plan which gives you the perfect balance of healthy eating, understanding your triggers and real tools to help you make healthy habits stick. We also marked out the importance of exercise in our Lets Get Moving Manual guiding you to earn those extra bites and feel good!

But, there is one extra part of the puzzle that we need to add to complete the trilogy – a special element that can actually be the backbone of how you operate, make decisions, choose to eat, even down to the tiny nuances that make you who you are.

And they all rest on one emotion. Can you guess what it is? Why Happiness, of course!

We have worked with some of Ireland’s top Happiness Psychologists to create a 12 Week ‘Hello Happy’ Journal with real tips, advice and challenges that you can put into place immediately and keep topping up, week by week.

So why Happiness?

Think about how you feel when you are happy. You are at your best. The world throws you opportunities. You have more energy. You make your best decisions. You have that get up and go that just gets things done!

The truth is, our happiness levels play just as big a part in our weight loss journey as the food and exercise elements.

And habits are just one of the topics that this great book will cover.
So, over the next 12 weeks, we are going on an adventure into Happiness.

Join your nearest class to make your ‘Hello Happy’ fresh start! Your copy is waiting for you.



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