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Vegetable Soup

In case you didn't know this, well let us tell you here and now, vegetable soup is your friend. Hungry? Vegetable soup! Not hungry but have to eat? Vegetable soup! Going out for dinner and want to reduce your appetite but still go out and have fun? Vegetable soup!

Whether you like it blended or smooth, it is full of fibers, nutrients, and best of all, water. It's yet another aid in our forever quest to drink more water. It freezes brilliantly in ice cube moulds and we use it as stock in stews! No waste here with us!

Whilst our recipe is the absolute basic, you do not have to be bored with vegetable soup, it doesn't have to be bland. It can be something you have fun making and eating! Use different kinds of vegetables and think spices, not everything curry powder, try a good pinch of saffron for something very different. When you think about spices you could go for a blend like garram masala or you could just go with your nose and taste buds and see what pleases you. So think of turmeric, ginger (fresh is best for extra zing), coriander seeds, onion powder, chili powders, smoked paprika. Any of these will bring sunshine to your bowl of vegetable soup.

And then think toppings, some toasted cumin seeds on top of a carrots soup are absolutely magnificent. Onions sliced thinly and fried in a bit of cooking spray until crisp, simply gorgeous. Use different salts, or a drizzle of lemon juice can really lift it. Fresh herbs work a treat, the brighter the better, maybe some chervil, dill, coriander, parsley or even a bit of mint.

Finally, if you think your soup is too liquid, a small potato or two will thicken it, or a handful of red lentils will do the same and cook in half the time.

One last trick for the road.... cauliflower gives soup a silkiness that even cream can't achieve!

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