This week in class we’ve been giving you some sage advice on the benefits of adding herbs to your dishes. Herbs are so much more than just a flavour and garnish, they also contain lots of health benefits.

Whether you grow your own, keep jars of dried herbs or buy fresh bags or pots each week, having a selection of herbs at your disposal means you can add big flavours to your meals and really pack a punch with health benefits.


Grow Your Own

Do you find that fresh herb are always making their way into your shopping basket?

Next time your in the supermarket – pick up a bag of fresh seeds instead. They’re super cheap and all you have to do is plant them in a pot with some soil and show them lots of water and sunshine.

This way you’ll always have an abundance of fresh herbs and you’ll be able to pick them as you go.

Get the Balance Right

When cooking using dry herbs, the quantity you need to use is always less – as dried herbs are more concentrated.

A good rule of thumb is to use three times the amount of fresh herbs as dry.

Always add your herbs in small doses, so you can taste and adjust accordingly.

Freeze for Ease

To get the most out of your herbs, all you have to do is freeze them into single serve portions.

Simply, chop up your herbs and place them in an ice cube tray, cover with water and freeze.

This way, when you need to add some herbs to a dish you can just grab an ice cube and it will thaw out almost immediately.

This means you’ll always have some healthy herbs at hand.

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Make them Last

If you do buy fresh herbs in the shop, here’s how you can get the most out of them.

Roll thyme and rosemary in a moist kitchen roll and then store them in the fridge until their ready to be used.

Place coriander and parsley upright in a jar with about 1 inch of water, cover with zip lock bag and secure with rubber band and put in the fridge. This should keep them for 3-5 days.

Store basil in a jar with 1 inch of water, outside the fridge at room temperature.

Just like that, your herbs will stay fresher for longer.

Prep Steps

For easy prep follow these time-saving steps:

When cutting basil. Stack all of the leaves on top of each other, roll them together and then slice with your knife. You’ll get delicious basil ribbons

To save clean up, use clean kitchen scissors and chop your herbs straight into your dish.

If you want to quickly remove the leaves from thyme and rosemary use a sieve. Simply pull the sprig through the sieve and it should remove all of the leaves for you.

And just like that, you’re sage savvy.