Success Stories

“I’m Happier Than Ever!” – Michelle Hartnett

After Before
Class Coach: Ann Marie Naughton
Class Attended: Charleville
Start Weight 13st 8.5lbs
Total Wight Loss 3st 9.5lbs
Now just 9st 13lbs
My Story


Stunning Michelle Hartnett from Cork beat postnatal depression and got her life back in gear.

My weight started to creep up soon after I met my husband. From getting cosy on the couch to date nights out, my eating habits changed. At the time I never realised how overweight I was but looking back at old pictures, I was much heavier than I thought.

I developed post natal depression after I had my baby in November 2016 and I found my weight was making my depression worse. When I’d get the baby to sleep at night, I was so depressed I’d turn to sweets and crisps and then couldn’t stop.

The dress I’d ordered for my daughter Lily’s christening was size 16 and so tight I said to myself “if I keep going the way I am I’m going to be a size 20 and it has to stop somewhere”.

My sister said “let’s join Unislim together’ so we started at our local class in Charleville in February ’17 and in just a few weeks I found myself coming out of the depression.

Joining Unislim is the best thing I ever did, I don’t think my depression would have lifted so easily if I hadn’t joined. Getting out, meeting lovely people and the support of my leader Anne Marie was just brilliant – I quickly started to feel more like myself again and my confidence just grew and grew.

After the first month, I felt great, eating delicious healthy food and looking after myself. I was still on maternity leave so I’d go walking with my sister, four days a week.

The old me never used to exercise at all. I was living in town but I’d always drive to the shop. Now I put the baby in the buggy and walk everywhere. I’ve lost three stone, nine and a half pounds and I can’t believe that I’m now a size 10.

Never in my life would I have worn a high waisted skirt or worn short sleeves. Even going out at night with my friends was a struggle for me, but now I’m much bubblier, I love going out and socialising. I automatically pick healthy foods, it’s become a habit that has really changed my life.

I thought at the start “there’s no way I’ll ever lose weight because I can hardly leave the house”. But, I had to do it for me. If you really want to do it for yourself, you’ll do it. You have to put yourself first. I also knew that making the change would mean I would be healthy for my baby.

Since reaching my target weight, I have become a Freeslimmer and I still attend my class weekly. I love hearing those words of motivation and the weekly weigh-in really works for me. If I don’t go, it feels like something missing in my week.

Everyone can lose weight and get healthier, no matter what age or weight you are. It’s never going to be a straight line, some weeks might be trickier than others, but you’ve got to keep going.

Your leader will make such a difference and the other members in your class are like your team, keeping you on your path. Plus, the amazing support from my sister and husband made everything so much easier. My baby is a year old now and I’m loving life.


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