Our hearts are what keep us alive, powering every organ every minute of the day. That’s why it’s so important to make it feel loved. In under a minute, it pumps blood to every single cell in your body.

Heart Disease is currently the most common cause of death in Ireland.

10,000 Irish people die every year from cardiovascular disease

Including coronary heart disease, strokes, and other circulatory diseases. So it’s important that we do all we can to improve our heart health and reduce our risk of illness.

Making small changes every day will drastically improve your hearts health and keep you fighting fit.

1. Healthy eating

We are what we eat. This is why it’s so important to have a well-balanced diet. We need to make sure we’re getting all the nutrients our body needs while limiting fats, sugars, and salt to small portions. Follow our Feed Yourself Fit Plan, designed in conjunction with top Irish Dietitians and with our 44 years of expertise, we’ve made healthy eating simple and enjoyable.

Incorporating certain foods into your everyday diet can be a great way to improve your heart health. Tomato products have been proven to lower the risk of heart disease by up to 30% although it’s advisable to make your own simple tomato sauce to reduce the sugar and salt found in jars of ready-made sauces.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a good choice as they are almost fat-free and packed with vitamins minerals and fibre. Choosing oily fish such as sardines trout or salmon at least twice a week ensures an adequate intake of healthy Omega -3 oil which helps thin the blood and prevent clotting. By living the Feed Yourself Fit way, we know we are LOVING OUR HEARTS!

2. Get Active

Getting active is a fantastic way to a healthy heart. Take the stairs instead of the lift, put a bounce in your step while getting the housework done or take the pooch out for a walk. There’s so many easy ways to get active, why not try some of our at home workouts? And importantly, your heart LOVES exercise. Studies have shown that 30+ minutes of moderate activity 5+days a week can significantly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. Lose Weight

Losing weight goes hand in hand with healthy eating and getting active. Our bodies will naturally get slimmer once we have a balanced and portion controlled diet, combined with an active lifestyle. At Unislim we will show you how to eat properly and exercise while losing weight. Click here to join a class today and get ready to be blown away by the results. Obesity is the leading cause of heart disease today. So let us help you get healthy both inside and out.

Let’s all start working towards happy and healthy hearts today!