Festival Lovers all over the country are prepping for the biggest festival of the summer as they gear themselves up for three fun-filled days in the tent-packed fields of Stradbally. Yes, that’s right it’s EP time once again! What better way to kick-start September than with happy people, great music and of course delicious food!

Food stands have come on in leaps and bounds over the last number of years – which is fantastic news for slimmers! Electric Picnic now has a “Theatre of Food” where there’ll be live food demos taking place all weekend. Get the chance to see some of the countries top chefs and foodies in action, as they share their top tips and favourite recipes! You don’t want to miss it!

With over 100 food stalls and a fresh farmers market, you’ll be spoiled for choice. As always, we want you to make the most of your weekend. We’ve compiled our top tips on how to stay on track while partying all weekend in the musical fields of Laois!

Be Informed

The tent is up, the wellies are on, it’s time to explore Electric Picnic and suss out the different food vendors. Find your bearings and take note of the food stalls closest to you. Being aware of the different food choices and identifying the ‘healthier’ options will make it easier for you to stay on plan when the hunger creeps in.

Pack a Snack

Queues at Electric Picnic are always long and the food is often overpriced. Why not bring along some healthy snacks and save yourself some time and money! You might even squeeze in a few extra acts!

Think fruit, rice cakes, nuts & seeds – these types of foods will keep hunger at bay and your energy levels soaring! Check out our Unislim Breakfast Bars or Protein Pompoms, which will hold perfectly in an airtight container for a couple of days. They’ll help you stay on track and give your energy levels a healthy turbo boost when you need it most!


Brekkie Time

Start your day like any other, with a filling and nutritious brekkie. Skip the greasy breakfast rolls and overpriced pastries and opt for some fruit and quick oats (2 bites) the coffee stands will usually give you some hot water. Our Breakfast Banana Muffins will also do the trick and you can rest assured knowing you’re on track!


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key at festivals! It’s super important to keep hydrated by guzzling down lots of H2O! Keep water in your tent and a bottle in your backpack. Sip it between drinks, it’ll keep you feeling fresh and ready to dance the night away!

Opt for coconut water over fizzy drinks and juices. Coconut water is a natural electrolyte drink and is great for hydration. Wonder what it’s like as a mixer?…hmm


Dance the weekend away

Dancing into the small hours of the morning is one of the most fun parts of Electric Picnic! Whether you’re going wild at Rave in the Woods or giving in socks in the Casa Bacardi Tent, you’ll be clocking up lots of extra Bites without even noticing. If only we could do this every weekend!

Most importantly stay safe and have a fantastic weekend. Remember if you do slip-up, go along to your next class and get back on track!

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