It’s certainly a little confusing. 

 Here we’ll unpeel that onion and help you decide if eating more plant based meals is good for you and the environment. While veganism has been around for centuries, plant-based eating is a relatively new lifestyle choice. And the difference? Well, being vegan means everything (or as much as possible) in your life including the shampoo you.  Eating a plant based diet means eating delicious plant foods!


What are the benefits of going plant-based once a week? 

With a little less animal products in everyone’s diet we can help reduce greenhouse gasses, preserve water and land, and look after our planet! And what plants do for our bodies is a whole other thing, it helps reduce levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol and may cut your odds of getting heart disease and high blood pressure. 

Plant based foods help you maintain a healthy gut! This is because meat can be hard to digest taking 2 days to leave your body compared to fruits and veggies that digest in 12-24 hours! So even taking one day a week to focus on eating only veg can help give your digestive system a well deserved break, like a detox!

Many recent studies have shown that a diet rich in fresh fruit and veg and lower in red meat increases longevity and quality of life in later years. So going vegan just one day a week can help make a major difference in your personal health and the environment! 


What can I eat on my vegan day?  

Meatless doesn’t mean boring, we have so many delicious options and dishes for you to give a go! 


Tofu scramble 

The tastiest Vegan breakfast alternative. It is super easy to make and everyone will LOVE it. Enjoy!


Pitta pockets

You can buy ready-made falafel in delis and most supermarkets. They are made from ground chickpeas, flavoured with herbs and spices, and are a great source of protein and dietary fibre.


Lentil & Butternut Squash Curry


Chickpea and butternut squash curry

This wholesome nutritious curry is just the treat your insides need!

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