The August Bank Holiday is always a busy time. Between keeping the kids entertained and all the family visits, the long weekend seems to fly by and we can find ourselves burnt out by Monday. Here are our top tips to help you beat those Bank Holiday Blues and stay on track.


Oh Hello Extra Day Off!

The August Bank Holiday is always a busy time. Between keeping the kids entertained and all the family visits, the long weekend seems to fly by and we can find ourselves exhausted by Monday. So let’s look at some great ways to stay on track and enjoy every minute of that luxurious extra day off!

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Get Out & Get Active

Medical experts tell us that exercise not only improves our physical health but our mental health too. As little as 30 minutes of exercise per day boosts our overall well-being so get out and earn extra Bites this Bank Holiday Weekend! What’s better – use the extra day to book in some fun outdoor activities, like a park visit, a hill walk or if it’s raining – a trip to the local pool for a swim

As always, it’s set to be a mix-match of weather this August, so if you can’t get outdoors try some of our home workouts! We also have lots of easy to follow exercises in our Get Moving plan which is available at our classes. Get yours now! 

Snack Wisely

When we have more time on our hands, we are inclined to snack out of boredom. Stock up on yummy healthy snacks so that you’re prepared. Knowing you have a healthy alternative will keep your hands away from those sugary snacks! Get in the kitchen and experiment with some new snack idea’s like our Healthy Mikado balls. They are really delicious and are a great energy booster.


Treat Yo'Self!

Take some time just for you! If you are the type of person who is always taking care of everyone else, you deserve to chill and do something you love! Take a long bubble bath, get lost in a great book or go to the movies. Spoiling yourself doesn’t have to involve eating sugary sweets.

What are you sipping?

A lot of the time we think we’re hungry when in fact we are just thirsty, so stay hydrated to help you feel fuller for longer. Plus, our metabolism works much more efficiently when we drink water between meals. The extra day in the weekend can give us the feeling that we have an extra “Saturday Night” – which can lead to extra Bites being added from alcohol. Remember, Sunday night is still just Sunday night, and your goals are still your goals – don’t lose sight of them. If you are having extra drinks, make sure to earn extra Bites.



Have fun with family & friends

Nothing inspires you more than meeting up with friends, laughing and having fun. If you are organising a day out, think of something that will help you on your journey. Having a BBQ? We have heaps of delicious recipes for you to try in our recipes section, and we bet your family will love every bite! Planning a picnic? Pack up some really tasty salad dishes in tubs to bring along with you. Enjoy the extra long weekend – and come out on the other side feeling rested and ready for a great week ahead.


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