Unislim Youth Ambassador Sorcha Doyle

Start Weight

16st 8lbs

Total weight loss

4st 7lbs

Now just




Class Coach:

Jean Kelly

Class Attended:


Meet Unislimmer of the Year Youth Ambassador Sorcha Doyle 😀 Sorcha joined Unislim Bray with Leader Jean Kelly and weighed in at 16 stone 8 pounds. Suffering from anxiety, Sorcha used food as a comfort. Now 4 stone 7 pounds lighter Sorcha is healthy, confident and looks absolutely gorgeous <3

Growing up, “fat” was the first word people used to describe me. It didn’t offend me until I found out it was supposed to. For as long as I can remember I have been the chubby, excitable kid, but as I my weight went up, I became the butt of all jokes and was referred to as “cute” and “huggable” and the “class clown”. I began to feel ashamed.

I tried every diet you can think of, bought diet pills and shakes, but found that I received the best praise when I was mistreating myself the most “Well done Sorcha, you look great!”.

At the age of 19, I finally came to terms with my eating habits and how they were affecting my life. I joined Unislim in July 2015 and learned that real nutrition, balance and a positive mindset teamed up with exercise would allow me to put myself first. I learned how to feel good about me.

My leader Jean Kelly helped me on a personal level, like nobody else had before. Now, 4 and a half stone lighter, I am a shadow of my former self but am so much happier. My health has improved and I really live my life to the full, my confidence is soaring and when I go out, I can dance circles around my friends. For the first time, I can genuinely say “I love my body, I love myself and I am proud of who I am”.


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