“I am a new woman now” – Sharon Basquille

Start Weight

13st 3lbs

Total weight loss

3st 7lbs

Now just

9st 10lbs



Class Coach:

Triona Callaghan

Class Attended:


There is no stopping this Mayo mum! Sassy Sharon Basquille is on top of the world and climbing new heights since losing 3 stone 7lbs and becoming a Unislim leader.


I struggled with my weight since I was a teen and it continued on into my twenties. I would describe myself as a “picker”, I would gravitate towards crisps and savoury snacks and pick at junk food.  I had tried so many diets over the years, from cutting out bread and potatoes entirely, going to bed hungry or spending a fortune on protein bars – quick fixes that I thought would solve the problem, but never did, I would always regain the weight and more.


I continued to gain weight during all of my pregnancies but decided enough was enough close to the birth of my third baby. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, so I had to be really careful with what I ate, but was afraid that I would put on even more weight after the baby was born, as I didn’t want to go back to my old habits.  My mum was a member of Unislim Castlebar and was doing great, so I decided to contact the leader Triona to make a plan for after the baby was born.


I joined the class in September 2015, when my baby girl was four weeks old. I’d never been to a Unislim class but I was excited to join. I was nervous about facing the scales at my first class, you ask yourself questions like ‘I’ve got so much weight to lose, how will I do it?’. But my motto was not to think about the numbers and to take it day by day, week by week. If you start off thinking “I’ve got three or four stone to lose” it can be overwhelming. But if you just face each day fresh and stick with the plan you will get there.


After my first week, I said to Triona, ‘I think I’ve done it wrong’ because I was never hungry and was enjoying so much food – more than I had beforehand. But to my surprise, I had followed the plan correctly and lost five and a half pounds!

I couldn’t believe it – the plan was so easy!


My brother was coming home from Australia, so I used that as my first target. However, soon after joining I developed a condition that meant I was unable to drive for a few months.  It came as a knock, but I knew I had to either get my head in the game or I would put on more weight, I am so happy I chose the right direction!  During this time, I really got my head into the plan and decided to walk everywhere. I have lost three and a half stone and am a Freeslimmer since reaching my target weight in June 2017.


Now I cook my meals from scratch. I used to be a big buyer of jars and ready-made food. At 36 years of age I’m now learning to cook. I’m cooking for the whole family, not a separate meal for me and my husband.  My children are so much more aware of healthy foods, I love how they are learning to eat well from a young age. I’m delighted.


I decided to share my success and advice with other people to help them on their own weight loss journeys. I opened my Unislim classes in Castlebar and Balla last Spring and I love it. My mindset has changed completely. Some people think the leaders have just woken up at their target weight but each of us live the plan, we know the struggles and the real-life issues with weight loss. We’ve been there and all have our own story to tell.


I’ve dropped from a dress size 18 to 10. I was a great woman for looking up weight-loss and exercise classes but I’d never have the confidence to walk into them. But I am a new woman now.  I started doing a trampoline class on my own and now I go twice a week and I absolutely love it. One of my goals was to climb Croagh Patrick, but I’d always put it off due to my weight and the fear of not being able to do it. Last year, with my husband by my side, I reached the top and genuinely felt on top of the world. I enjoy exercise now, whereas before it was just a chore. I look forward to my walks now with the baby in the buggy.

I’m loving life, I’ve more energy than ever before. I’ve found a new me.