Looking for that extra boost in the morning? Our Feed Yourself Fit plan provides you with all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and nourished. But sometimes, it’s nice to get a bit extra. During winter, especially, you may want to give your immune system a rev up.

There is an array of energy boosting, anti ageing and libido promoting powders out there – but for newbies here’s 3 of the most popular!


What is it? Amazingly, Spirulina is one of the oldest life forms on Earth! It’s a blue coloured microalgae that has been lauded as being one of the planets first oxygen producers – which helped the planet’s first life forms to develop. Cool huh?

This green powder doesn’t do much for the taste buds, but at 60% protein content and providing a full range of amino acids, it has been known to help people lose weight as part of a healthy diet. In recent studies, it has been shown to lower cholesterol and can aid in the lowering of blood pressure, plus it’s a known energy booster.

How can I use it? Try a scoop in a smoothie along with fruit, yogurt and ice!


What is it? This powdered root claims to boost energy levels and lift libido – thanks to high levels of vitamin B, copper and iodine.

Definitely more palatable than spirulina, maca’s main advantage is it’s boost to your sex drive (oh la la!), through increased energy from vitamin B and iodine!

How can I use it? Rather than coffee, add a tablespoon to your porridge with berries for a lovely energy boost.


What is it?The original wonder food! A lighter green powder than spirulina, providing a whopping 92 vitamins and minerals essential to life. It’s basically the green in plants!

Although not as nutrient dense as the spirulina & maca – the theories on wheatgrass have shown an anti-oxidant effect on the blood and a general energy boost overall.

How can I use it?Add to a smoothie along with spinach for the ultimate nutrient hit. Watch it turn bright green!


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Here’s to healthy!



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