My life is in technicolour now! – Eithne O’Farrell

Start Weight

17st 6.5lbs

Total weight loss

5st 0.5lbs

Now just

12st 6lbs



Class Coach:

Deirdre Hayes McCann

Class Attended:

Kilorglin, Co. Kerry

Fabulous Eithne O’Farrell has lost 6 stone and is living her life to the max!

I have always struggled with my weight.  This peaked 15 years ago when I gained 6 stone in 6 months.  Like many people, I made many attempts to address this, with varying levels of success, but always ending up back where I started or worse.

I joined Unislim in January 2015.  I had success and gains and my weight fluctuated for the next 22 months. But in October 2016, a Unislimmer of The Year Finalist, Paul O’Mahony visited our Unislim Class and shared his story and that was my light bulb moment. I was sitting in a room full of people but it felt like he was talking directly to me. We shared similar histories and our experiences with weight issues were so alike, that it really resonated with me. From that night on I knew I was going to do it, I reached my goal of 6 stone for Christmas 2017, it was the best Christmas present ever!

I’m now living my life fully and I have balance.

I’m never hungry and eat such a broad range of foods.  Learning to cook varied meals and my weekend batch cooking sessions were a huge part of my road to goal and continue to be part of my life. Understanding how to eat well has had a huge knock on effect on all aspects of my life – especially my confidence and appetite for life!

Since January, so much has changed and losing weight was the catalyst for these changes, where I live, my job, the people around me.  Unislim is a part of my life and my anchor, no matter where I am. I love eating out, nights out and am always on the move and running around.  I’m a huge music lover.  You will generally find me at a gig, or planning my next adventure.  I have gained a whole new life!

I often say that before Unislim, my life was black and white, but now it’s in technicolour.