Success Stories

Bernie Dunne “I can’t get over my new look!”

After Before
Class Coach: Maureen Gallagher
Class Attended: Belmullet
Start Weight 17st 6lbs
Total Wight Loss 6st 5lbs
Now just 11st 1lbs
My Story

Belmullet Belle, Bernie Dunne is on top of the world and loving every minute of her new life having lost 6 stone 5lb with Unislim.

Being fit and healthy was always important to me, in fact I used to be a fitness instructor. But after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, the constant tiredness I was feeling led me to quick fix foods for energy. The weight began creeping on and it wasn’t until after the birth of my second child in 2014 I realised I was the heaviest I had ever been.

During my pregnancies, I ate really healthy, but once my babies were born I felt like I could eat whatever I wanted. I picked on biscuits, jam sandwiches, skipping meals and then when I felt hungry, I would reach once again for high sugar foods to keep me going. I was cooking for my family, but I wasn’t eating the meals.

It wasn’t until January 2016 that I realised I had to make a change, my joints were starting to hurt and I had zero energy, I had to do something. I had heard that there was a fantastic leader in the Unislim Belmullet class, so I decided to go along. I actually went along to that first class thinking “I’m not 100% ready for this, but at least if I get in the door I have a chance of losing a few pounds”.  The Leader Maureen Gallagher was fantastic and helped me get my head in the game. I had a good chat with myself and decided this was it. I was going to give it my all.

I started by setting myself mini goals. Even the act of looking at my weight loss in small manageable milestones, like 7lbs at a time, it automatically removed the weight from my shoulders. It turned off the fear and any negative thoughts I had.

Now, after losing over 6 stone in only a year, I still can’t get over the difference it has made to my life.

I am happier in myself and no longer hide under the baggy clothes that I used to wear daily.

I did hit some road bumps along the way.  After losing 5 stone, I was diagnosed with stomach issues. My doctor has recommended that I mix up my foods to suit try eliminate any allergies. The great thing is, I can still stay perfectly on plan while I work with my doctor.

The Feed Yourself Fit plan is so flexible, that even if I have to avoid certain foods, I can make it work for me and still maintain my weight loss.

On the other hand, my health has improved greatly since losing the weight. I used to have muscle weakness and pains in my joints and would suffer with low moods – not any more. I am so proud of myself. I done this for me, and it has paid off.

My advice to any mum out there, is to be a little bit selfish – take the time for you and do it for you, believe me, you family will benefit too!

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