I’ve turned my life around – Helena Dunne

Start Weight

13st 8.5lbs

Total weight loss

4st 2.5lbs

Now just

9st 7lbs



Class Coach:

Sarah Bourke

Class Attended:


Runaway success Helena is bursting with newfound energy and is all set to run her way through 2019 

I’d always been a size 14 to 16 but two years ago I ended up out of work for three months and put on more weight. When I went back to work I was horrified when people asked me if I was pregnant.  

I then went to a christening wearing a coat and jeans as nothing else fit me. It was my all-time lowest point. That evening I was very upset and was online when an ad came up for Unislim Clane. I recognised the leader Sarah from coming into the shop I work in and thought I’ll give it a go. That was January 2017. 

At my first weight in with Unislim I was almost 14 stone. Sarah said to me ‘It’s a starting point. We’ll get you going in the right direction’.  

I began tracking what I was eating and the following week I was down 5 and a half pounds. I was delighted. That was just from following the plan 

I’ve now lost 4 stone 3 pounds and have taken up running.  

I’ve turned my life around and it’s thanks to Sarah and Unislim. I’m at the front of photos now or the first to take a selfie! My son has signed us up for 1000Km running challenge over 2019. It’s given me a new love of life, a sense of adventure. 

Now I have more enthusiasm for life and more confidence than ever. I’m a completely different person to who I was two years ago.  

The support from my work colleagues, my Unislim class and family has been incredible. I feel like the whole town is behind me!