Success Stories

“I’m never going to stop going – I love it” Paula Byrne

After Before
Class Coach: Breda McCann
Class Attended: Kildare
Start Weight 16st 4lbs
Total Wight Loss 4st 2lbs
Now just 12st 2lbs
My Story

“One year after joining Unislim and I feel fantastic. I’m about to do a 5k run with and my energy levels have improved so much. This is the new me.”

I joined Unislim on the 17th of September 2022. I was just after having yet another horrible summer of feeling uncomfortable in my body, I just felt so unfit. I had no nice summer clothes – I was just buying things that would fit rather than nice things I actually wanted to wear. And I just reached that point where I said to myself, ‘I can’t ever have another summer like that.’ I was so fed up, sad and miserable. One day, I turned to my friend Sharon and said, ‘Will we go to Unislim?’ And she said yes, so the two of us joined together and we never looked back.

I always struggled with my weight, but four years ago, I had a hysterectomy and after that, it got so much worse. The weight just piled on and I felt so depressed. I thought I’d never ever be able to lose that weight. Then I had a colonoscopy and discovered I had diverticulitis, so I’ve had a few issues to deal with.

The first day I started Unislim, I knew the plan was for me. Our leader, Breda, was so lovely. I was so scared going in, standing on the scales, and she just said, ‘It’s just a number, Paula. You’ll never have to see that again.’ And from that moment, I was on the journey.

The fact that you can eat three meals and two snacks is amazing. It just makes sense. It’s what I should have been doing all along. Straight away, I started doing a little bit of walking. Walking is absolutely amazing, it’s so good for your mental health, just to get out, get some fresh air … You’ll always feel better after a walk. I mind kids, so I’d always walk them up to school and back … sometimes we’d be skipping! I used to always jump in the car but not anymore – rain or shine, we walk.

I did have challenges along the way. I had nearly lost the first two-and-a-half stone and then I  plateaued. I remember being determined to get that last pound to reach that target. Now, before, that would have been the point where I would give up, but this time, I just pushed through. My number one tip to anyone just beginning their journey would be to stay for your meetings. There’s no point going in just to be weighed. Talk to everybody, listen to their stories. That’s the best thing about staying for the group – to have a talk with everybody else to find out what they’re struggling with. It really does help and I never miss my meeting.

When it comes to food, I’d always give new recipes a try, especially if it’s one that someone else in the class or WhatsApp group recommends. And the whole family eats what I eat, which is great. Before joining Unislim, I’d never thought to look at the back of a packet of sausages to see the ingredients. It’s all these little things you learn. I love my porridge in the morning and a bit of fruit or maybe I’d have Weetabix or possibly toast with banana and cinnamon. I’m never hungry, which is great. I know how to eat now. Dinners are great, I can have spuds or air-fried chips with a chicken burger if I want every now and again. Drinking water has become a big thing for me. I never used to drink water and now, I’d drink at least two litres a day.

I’ve been invited to a wedding and I’m really looking forward to buying something nice to wear without having to worry whether it will fit. I am just going to keep going. I’d like to get down another stone. One thing I would recommend: Read your books – go back and refresh your mind. And track everything … even if it’s just a bite of something, write it down.

One year after joining Unislim and I feel fantastic. I’ve learned what to eat and what not to eat, and my energy levels have improved so much. I’m never going to stop going – I love it. To mark our one-year anniversary, my friend Sharon and I are doing a 5k run. I can’t believe it – I’m 52 and I could never run before. I’m nervous, but I know I can do it. This is the new me.

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