“I feel on top of the world” – Janet Herman

Start Weight

15st 11lbs

Total weight loss

5st 7lbs

Now just

10st 4lbs



Class Coach:

Joanne Meagher

Class Attended:

Wicklow & Ashford

My weight crept up without me noticing, which can happen so easily and going through the menopause didn’t help. I was sitting on the couch eating a whole pack of biscuits at night.  I am also an emotional eater and i think that’s part of why I gained so much weight. I found it hard to get myself motivated to do anything.  I was beginning to cancel plans with friends, isolating myself and feeling more and more depressed.

I really felt embarrassed about my body and my poor dog never got a walk! I had tried other plans and lost some weight, but I looked at them as diets and I’d end up back to square one. After four or five years it came to a stage my body was giving out. I was a nightmare to live with. My teenagers were tiptoeing around me with my moods and tears. I was in a negative headspace, I was stuck.

I walked into my first Unislim class on 26th April 2018 and weighed in at 15 stone 11. I nearly fell off the scales. I was in a bit of denial about how much I’d put on. My fab leader Joanne & I set small targets each week, aiming to reduce my BMI a little at a time. That’s what worked for me, if I was to tackle a large number it would have been too daunting.  Most weeks I had a loss, and I never missed a class even if I felt I had a bad week.

My energy levels have increased since losing the weight, I used to be out of breath just going up the stairs! Six months after I started, I went back to my Pilates class again which I love. You can have bad days; the thing is not to write it off as a bad week. It’s so important to go to class, you come away with so much encouragement. My confidence has grown immeasurably. I’m glad to say my dog loves me again!

I couldn’t recommend the Balance plan more. It works for all the family and it has to be sustainable for life, which it is. You’re not dieting, you’re adopting a healthy lifestyle. My husband said Thank God you’re going to Unislim. I’m delighted to say I’m back to the person I used to be, all thanks to Unislim!


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