Success Stories

Unislimmer of the Year Finalist Ray Flaherty

After Before
Class Coach: Triona Callaghan
Class Attended: Castlebar
Start Weight 20st 11.5lbs
Total Wight Loss 9st 2lbs
Now just 11st 9.5lbs
My Story

Meet Unislimmer of the Year Finalist Ray Flaherty. When Ray first joined Unislim Castlebar  with Leader Triona Callaghan in September 2015 he weighed in at 20st 11.5lbs. Roll on 1 year later he is now a very healthy 11st 9.5lbs. That’s a total weight loss of 9st 2lbs, and doesn’t he look amazing!

”As I unsuccessfully tried to fit into a size 44 suit for a job interview in September 2015, I realized enough was enough.

I would have classed myself as the typical Yo-Yo dieter, having struggled with my weight since my school days.  I remember being bullied from a young age over my weight.  Kids at school would actually sing songs about my size – I was embarrassed and ashamed.  It came to a stage that I hated getting out of bed.

My life revolved around taking care of everyone else in my life, deflecting from my own needs.  Having gone back to college in 2010, I dealt with the stress of my studies by comfort eating.  Which in turn, made my weight issues even worse.

Over the years, I can honestly say that I have tried every slimming club, gimmick, even depriving myself of food.  But nothing clicked. I can now safely say, a year later, and over 9 stone lighter, that it has now clicked, thanks to Unislim.

The day I joined Unislim, I had a good talk with myself on the drive home and decided that I was putting myself first and doing it for me. I followed the Unislim Forever Free plan & exercised regularly.

I began to notice how good I felt eating healthy and how much my energy levels were soaring.  I found my love of cooking – I now bake my own bread and cook my meals from scratch.

As the weeks passed the weight started to come off other people started to take notice too! I started to receive compliments on how healthy I looked and I began to feel like a new man.

I am a creative person, so I used my skills to create a motivational space in my home where I have framed all my Unislim certificates for each stone I lost. I look at them daily as a gentle reminder of how much I have achieved. The biggest reminder of my achievement comes every time I look at my twin sister – she weighs 9 stone – the same as what I lost!

It really has been and continues to be an amazing journey and a complete lifestyle change. I now use my success to help others achieve their weight loss goals and have become a Unislim Leader in Tuam, Castlerea and Ballaghderreen.

My top tip that I offer my members is to focus on how good you feel when you are eating well, it’s the best motivator you could have!”

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