Success Stories

Unislim’s Woman of the Year 2016 Sharon Murphy

After Before
Class Coach: Cathy Donovan
Class Attended: Carnew
Start Weight 17st 1lbs
Total Wight Loss 6st 6.5lbs
Now just 11st 3lbs
My Story

Meet Unislim’s Woman of the Year Sharon Murphy.  Competing against 13 other finalists, each celebrating their extraordinary new looks and dramatic weight loss stories, Sharon earned the coveted title of Unislim Woman of the Year after she lost almost half her current weight just a year after giving birth to her fourth baby, Sharon also won the ‘Unislim People’s Choice’ award, winning the majority of votes of the Unislim online community.

Sharon is rocking her weight loss at Unislim Carnew  with Leader Cathy Donovan every week. She’s now 6 stone 6.5 pounds lighter and is loving life again. Read her story below to find out why we choose her as our Unislim Woman of the Year.

When I was 22 years old I gave birth to my first child. During my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and struggled to lose it afterwards. I would lose a few pounds then put it straight back on. I started to feel ashamed, and hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I decided enough was enough and joined my local Unislim class in Bunclody. However, soon after, I became pregnant with my second child. I didn’t return until after having my third baby and felt on top of the world, as the weight starting coming off and my energy levels soared.

I lost 3 stone and was on a roll….until 5 months into my weight loss journey; I became pregnant on my fourth child. This was a big shock to me, as my baby was only 5 months old. I became depressed and turned to food for comfort.

Most evenings I would get Chinese takeout and always used the excuse “oh the baby wants it”. I put on almost 5 stone during my fourth pregnancy. Chippers became my go-to food. I even carried vinegar in the car in case I stopped by one when out and about.

Just a week after my baby was born I changed my eating habits went back exercising just small walks, I started to feel better about myself but knew I needed help to keep me focused. 4 weeks later, I went back to Unislim in Carnew and I haven’t looked back.

I had mixed support from family and friends they kept telling me that I was mad for not taking more time out after having the baby and told me to leave it for a while as my baby was so young. Looking back I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them because I wouldn’t where I am now if I had.

I’m a stay at home mum to 4 gorgeous children 9yrs, 6yrs, 2yrs and 8mths old. I also mind 2 other children 3 times a week. To say my days are hectic is an understatement! My 2yr old is very active and only sleeps 2-3hrs at night and goes non-stop all day. My eldest is involved in a lot of activities so most evenings and weekends I am “mum-on-wheels”.

With so much going on in my life I found that the best way for me to stay on track was to attend class every week. I never had a babysitter so my 2 youngest joined me in class and I always stayed for the talk as I found this very motivating and got great ideas from my leaders talk.

For me there was no excuses this time, I tracked every day, drank my 2 litres of water and starting exercising. I’m such a lover of exercise I attend my local Bootcamp class every week and I also have entered quite a few road races since my journey began. I can genuinely say, that I am buzzing with energy.

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