Success Stories

“I’m a new woman.” – Doreena McKillen

After Before
Class Coach: Sally-Ann Lennon
Class Attended: Ballyclare
Start Weight 15st lbs
Total Wight Loss 4st 7lbs
Now just 10st 7lbs
My Story

“I’m a new woman. I feel so much more confident. It’s just a way of life for me now.”

Before I got married, back in 1992, I never had a problem with my weight. Suddenly, instead of cooking for two people, I was preparing dinners as if we were a family of four! Gradually, as time passed, the weight went on. Then one day, I was holidays and ran into a girl I used to work with and she asked me if was pregnant… I wasn’t. I knew I was putting on weight but didn’t realise just how much and when we got home, we looked back at our holiday videos and I said, ‘Look at the size of me.’ That was the turning point. I decided then to do something about it, I did manage to lose weight, but then Covid happened and I really struggled through that period.

Then in January 2022, I heard about Unislim through Sally-Ann and decided to join. It’s been fantastic. I love the Balance programme, and the Flexi-fast – I find both really suit me well. Now I enjoy my tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner,  I love cooking and trying new recipes – there are so many recipes to choose from, so you’re never bored.

The plan is great – it just fits into your lifestyle and your family. It’s just about creating new habits. I never used to eat breakfast before, and now I’m eating more fruit and vegetables and planning out my meals. I’d say I’m eating more now than I used to, but I’m just eating the right things.

I have had my fair share of challenges along the way – in fact, I had to go into hospital for a little while and that set me back a little bit but I just got myself back to class once I was well. You do have your ups and downs but that’s life, what’s important is to never give up on yourself.

Sally-Ann my leader has been a tremendous support – she’s always there for her members if you have any questions or need advice. We’ve a What’s Apps group for our class plus the you’ll get loads of support from the Unislim App and Facebook and Instagram pages. You’ll  always picking up new ideas or tips from other members who are a great support. Everybody helps each other, it’s a great community.

I never really used to do any exercise but I started walking and then I later started doing Pilates and now I do four exercise classes every week – Pilates, yoga, stretch and then I walk every day on top of that,  I feel great. My body has completely changed – I’m much more toned now. I love getting out in the fresh air for my walks and meeting other people in the classes, I’m a new woman.

I’ve received so many compliments since I’ve lost the weight. Trying on clothes and going shopping – that’s been a wonderful change, too. I feel so much more confident. It’s just a way of life for me now.

Joining Unislim was the best decision I ever made. To anyone else thinking about joining just do it! Stay for the class talks – you’ll not only make friends with other members but you’ll get so many helpful tips and great support from the best community!

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