Success Stories

“I can’t stop smiling” Karen Loftus loses over 7 stone!

After Before
Class Coach: Triona Callaghan
Class Attended: Unislim Ballinrobe
Start Weight 17st 11lbs
Total Wight Loss 7st 5lbs
Now just 10st 6lbs
My Story

Karen Loftus, 38, is feeling on top of the world having dropped a sensational seven dress sizes with Unislim, in just 18 months!

The leisure centre manager from County Mayo now has the confidence to take part in exercise classes that she promotes as part of her job.

“I’ve always been overweight. I wasn’t really aware of the need to lose weight as I was growing up, but when I took a job as a manager in a leisure centre, I became more aware of the health benefits of being slim and fit. About 18 months ago, I was in size 24 clothes and they weren’t fitting me. I had to move up to a size 26 and I thought that’s it, no more. I wanted the support of a slimming club and looked to see if there was something on that night. I joined Unislim in Ballinrobe that very moment, and I never looked back!

“I felt I was in the last-chance saloon and this had to work. I was so conscious through working in a leisure centre that I wasn’t healthy and had to do something about it. My back was beginning to hurt quite badly, and I have small kids who I wasn’t as active with as I should have been. There were exercises classes in the leisure centre but at that stage I didn’t want to face them. I wanted to just go home after work instead.

“I find the Forever Free plan very easy to follow. There’s no counting calories: just track what you eat and follow the advice of the class leader. It’s perfect for me. In my head, this is a lifestyle change that I have chosen, and I am confident that the results speak for themselves!

“I’ve incorporated the Forever Free plan into my life and into my family – my husband and children eat what I eat. I love that my kids are learning about healthy food, and they always have healthy lunchboxes packed for school.

“I absolutely love my life, go out for dinner and enjoy my food, but now I make informed choices. My leader Triona once said to me that a week passes just the same, so you need to use the time well to make the right choices.

“The support I get at my Unislim class is fantastic. My friend now comes with me and we help keep each other on track. During the week I stay motivated by checking in on the Unislim Chatroom group on Facebook. The members and leaders on the Chatroom are always sharing great stories, tips and new recipes – it’s like a big group of supportive friends!

“You have to stay positive, drive yourself and most importantly, you have to want to do it. Unislim showed me what I wanted and that it was achievable if I made the right choices in life and had the right support. If I was having a low moment, I just had to remind myself why I am doing this, and to remember what I felt like before I joined Unislim. I would think back to how I felt physically and mentally back then, and remind myself that I never want to return to those sluggish feelings. There is always support there from the other members and most importantly from your class leader. I have so much more energy now, so much more life. I’m more open to trying things, saying ‘yes’ to new challenges.

“Since losing the weight, I swim and I make the most out of the exercise classes on offer at the leisure centre. I love being fit and active and I feel so healthy all the time. More than anything else, I am happier than I’ve ever been – the smile on my face is going nowhere!”

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