Success Stories

Betty Feely Unislimmer of the Year Finalist

After Before
Class Coach: Mary Carroll
Class Attended: Edenderry
Start Weight 18st 10lbs
Total Wight Loss 8st 3.5lbs
Now just 10st 6.5lbs
My Story

Meet Unislimmer of the Year Finalist Betty Feely. Betty lost her 3 brothers to heart attacks over the years, and because of concerns for her own health, she decided to make changes to her lifestyle and joined Unislim Edenderry with Leader Mary Carroll. When Betty first joined she weighed in at 18st 10lbs, now 8st 3.5lbs she now feels fitter than ever and is scaling new heights. With a new outlook on life, a whole new wardrobe, and a healthier heart, Betty is on top of the world!

I can safely say that I have tried every weight loss plan over the years. I would lose a few pounds and then, delighted with my success, I would revert to old habits and the weight would just creep back up. But at the age of 64, and with over 8 stone gone for good, I feel better than ever!

There is a history of heart disease in my family. After sadly losing 3 of my brothers to heart attacks – all at a young age, I was too diagnosed with a heart condition.  This reality check made me seriously reflect on my own health and I realised how my spiraling weight was putting me at risk.

I have 4 grandchildren and look after them every day. I knew if I wanted to be around to see them grow up that I needed to address my weight and health issues.

After Easter in 2014 I decided to join my local Unislim class in Edenderry.  That was the start of my journey – the start of a new me, a change in habits and attitude to food and life.  This time I went with the outlook that I wanted to make a lifestyle change and keep the weight off for good!

Knowing that I have made a significant difference to my heart health means the world to me.  When I started my Unislim journey in 2014, I was barely able to walk 200 metres without being out of breath – today I love walking. I walk at least 5km a day and often walk 10km a day at weekends – when I am not minding the grandkids.

My daughters recently treated me to a holiday to Turkey for all my hard work and I was thrilled to, for once feel confident on the beach. While I was there, I still got my walks in every day and even climbed hills that I never dreamed I would be able for.  I even lost 1 lb when I was away!

The other real positive for me is that I can now buy what clothes I like.  I can walk into a shop and choose anything knowing that it will fit me.  Never in a million years did I believe that I would fit into a size 12 again – but I have proven that wrong .

Through it all, my Unislim leader Mary Carroll has been an incredible source of inspiration and support. Each week I look forward to my Tuesday night Unislim class – to me it’s like a social outing where I have made great friends.

I feel that my weight loss has enhanced my life. I may have tried every diet and plan over the years, but believe me when I say, I saved the best for last. I love the new me and will never go back.


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