Our 5 Top Tips to stay on track this August!

With temptations galore, we often end up gaining, not losing those pounds over the summer months. But now is the perfect time to refocus, and make this August your best month yet!

In your guide to follow, you’ll find top tips on breakfast planning, how to reduce cravings at vulnerable times, how to turn ‘down-time’ into ‘active me-time’, and how to work off a chocolate bar in less than 30 minutes! Read on and be inspired…  

August Ahead

Yes. It’s crazy but true, August is rolling on! We are frantically trying to plan all the fun activities we’ve missed before the kids head back to school. Between festivals, match days and family road trips, August is sure to be another hectic month. Stay in control by planning ahead! Heading to the seaside? Plan your snacks. Meeting with friends? Plan where you’re dining and what you’re going to eat. Going to a bbq? Plan what healthy sides you’re going to bring along!

Tip 1: If meeting friends- meet for a meal rather than a snack, there will be healthier options available to you. Check out the menu online, it will help you avoid panic ordering when you get there.


Couch Surfing

At some point this August, most of us will be lured to the couch to catch up on our fave Netflix series or tv programmes. Avoid overindulging on sugary treats by prepping some healthy snacks in advance.

Having a date with Netflix?

Tip 2: Settle down to watch your programmes after dinner, you won’t be hungry and you will be less likely to snack unnecessarily. Keep a large jug of water beside you, it’ll keep you hydrated and reduce cravings.




Get Outside!

Get out and soak up the sunshine while the kids are still on holidays! Take the dogs to the park, go for a run or take a scenic trip with the family and admire some of Ireland’s beautiful garden walks.

Tip 3: Leave your runners somewhere visible as a reminder to get out and about and earn yourself some treats!

  • 30-minute easy walk = 1 Gin & Slimline Tonic
  • 30-minute steady cycling = 30g bag of popcorn
  • 30-minute jogging = 1 Dairy Milk

Start As You Mean To Go On!

Start your day the right way with a filling and nutritious breakfast. By eating a healthy breakfast you are more likely to make healthy choices throughout the rest of the day. Getting in a good wholesome, breakfast will help you stay alert, keep your blood sugars level and reduce the risk of cravings and overeating!

Tip 4: Prepare your brekkie the night before, soak your porridge oats, chop your fruit, make and chill your smoothie. You can rest assured knowing you’ll have a healthy breakfast in the morning even if you’re running late!

Tackle your To-Do List!

August offers many great opportunities for you to tackle your to-do list. It’s the perfect time to dig into that overgrown flower bed, try out a new recipe, sign up for a yoga class or book some swimming lessons. Knowing you’ve accomplished something will help reduce your stress levels and you’ll be ready to jump into September feeling refreshed and revitalized!

Tip 5: Make a short list of things you want to accomplish in August, aim to complete 1/2 things each week – you’ll feel organized, focused and ready for the weeks ahead!

Remember to get to class for lots of inspiration and more motivating tips. Find your local class here.


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