6 Reasons to Drink Up

Ever wondered why it’s recommended that we guzzle 8 glasses of water a day? Drinking water has some pretty impressive health benefits and can even help you to lose weight. Check out these 6 water wows….

1: Boosts Brain Power

A study in London found a link between students bringing water into an exam room and better grades, suggesting H2O promotes clearer thinking.

Swap out your morning coffee for a pint of water, you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be.

2: Makes Your Body Function

Roughly 60 percent of the body is made of water. Drinking enough H2O maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps you transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature and digest food.


3: Helps You Lose Weight

Water removes by-products of fat, reduces hunger, raises your metabolism and has zero calories.

This is why water is so important to your weight loss , drink up!

4: Improves your skin

Water moisturizes your skin, keeping it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth.

Drinking enough water can also combat skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, wrinkles and spots.

5: It keeps you regular

Adequate hydration is absolutely necessary to keep things flowing. When you don’t get enough fluid, the colon pulls water from stools to maintain hydration which results in constipation.

6: Makes You Workout Better

Drinking water helps restore any lost fluids or sodium that can occur during a workout. You must properly hydrate before, during and after a workout.

Water is vital  in order to ensure you are maintaining proper fluid balance in your body while you exercise.

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