“Plan and prep meals in advance and use the extra day to earn some all-important bonus bites.” – Andrea Bassett


“No matter what you do over the weekend, reset again on Monday.” – Breda McCann


“Plan your treats including drinks (that often get forgotten about) and enjoy them without guilt. Use the extra time to enjoy the outdoors.” – Loraine Smith


“Cook tasty meals that won’t have you feeling deprived! You can’t beat a good fakeway!” – Toni Hourigan McNeill


“A nice BBQ is always popular, remember to go for the reduced fat meat options and make healthy swaps for burger buns & dips so you can enjoy guilt free!  Check out our Unislim Ketchup recipe” – Lisa Rowe


“Dress up for one of the evenings and make it a special evening, dining at home!” – Maura McCabe


“Aim for 2 Bite Free meals a day to save your bites for results on the scales.” – Natasha Delaney


“Treat Monday as if it’s a normal Monday and keep meals at usual times.” – Katie O’Keeffe


“A ‘bad day’ ends at 12pm.” – Darina Johnston


“If you find weekends tricky, eat like it’s a weekday and try to break the ‘on-again, off again’ cycle.” – Mary Andrews


“Give yourself permission, plan it, then park it. And use the extra day to clear out wardrobes for summer.” – Helena O’Brien

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