Our 2018 Unislimmer of The Year awards took place this year in the Radisson Blu hotel in Dublin. What an inspiring and emotional event it was. Ten amazing women, who between them lost an unbelievable 80 stone, gathered together to celebrate their achievement. Celeb judge James Pattrice and Unislim MD Fiona Gratzer had the hard task of deciding who would be crowned Unislimmer of The Year.

There were many tears as the emotions were big ones. The celebration of how far they had come mixed with the determination that they would never again go back. Our gorgeous finalists reflected that there was no way they could have imagined themselves here even a year ago. All of our women decided that they were worthy of living a better live. They owed it to themselves first before anyone else.

Community Spirit

Interviews took place the day before the awards.  Finalists met with Fiona and James to talk about their stories, but this wasn’t a competition like any other. All these wonder women had already won. As more of the finalists gathered together it was clear that the bonds they now shared because of this experience ran deep. It was so uplifting to see how close they had all become to their Unislim leaders, many of whom were there to support them for their big day.

The awards ceremony

Magic was in the air following morning as all the finalists came together for the awards ceremony. They all looked stunning and that wasn’t just because of their gorgeous outfits. The confidence they now wore was their best accessory. They were all glowing with vitality, beauty and energy.

There could only be one winner, but all of these ladies have given themselves the gift of a better life. Our finalists now look forward to new memories and new lives with their families that they could only have imagined before joining Unislim.

Julie Fitzpatrick was announced as the winner of our Unislimmer of The Year of 2018 after achieving a record breaking 16 stone 12.5 lbs weight loss. She had the largest recorded weight loss in Unislim’s 45-year history.

She went from struggling to fit into a size 32 that she had to order online to strolling into any shop and picking up a size 14 off the rack. From barely managing to walk once around a tennis court to now clocking 60 km per week.

Be brave and make the change

It takes a brave woman or man to admit that they need help with their weight loss goals. Courage is needed in large amounts to stand up and take that first step. Julie and all our finalists found their own strength in their vulnerability. They got the support they needed from Unislim and their leaders.

If you’re ready to make a change in your life, just like our finalists, you can find the details for your local class here. The first step is the hardest but once you do it with Unislim you’ll never look back. Julie and all these ladies took back control and are living their best lives. Get the support and encouragement you need today.

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