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Top Tips To Feel The Love!

Show yourself some TLC this Valentines
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We want to spread the love this Valentine’s Day and remind you of the importance of being kind to yourself as well as those around you. With this in mind, we’ve combined some of our top self -love tips to help you have a happy and healthy Valentine’s without breaking the bites bank.

  • Treat yourself to a luxurious bath with a glass of bubbly (100ml prosecco = 1 B) and some gorgeous scented candles
  • Pick up a new nail polish in your favourite colour and give yourself a manicure
  • Indulge in a luxurious new body lotion for silky smooth skin
  • Schedule in some ‘Me’ time and do something that you really love
  • Play some tunes in your kitchen, have a dance and a giggle and earn some Bites
  • Write down 5 things that you love about yourself

However, for some, the 14th of February means a candlelight dinner in their favourite restaurant or a romantic dinner at home. These romantic meals can be tricky for anyone watching their waistline when faced with menus of delicious offerings. Thankfully Unislim are always at hand to give out their top tips.  There are lots of simple ways to enjoy your dining experience and stay on track.

  • Plan the menu ahead with your other half if you are staying in, click here for some great recipe ideas. If you’re heading out, have a sneak peek at the menu online. It will save you from panic ordering and being tempted by the restaurant’s aromas. This will help you make an informed decision so you can use your bites wisely.
  • Spice up your menu by using foods like Chilli which stimulates our nerve endings and raises our pulse or Ginger which improves circulation and has an aphrodisiac effect!
  • Opt for heart-healthy food like leafy greens, berries, whole grains, and even a little dark chocolate as a treat.
  • If drinking white wine, ask for some soda or sparkling water to make a spritzer
  • Don’t skip meals earlier in the day in anticipation of your meal out.
  • Always ask for a large jug of water to be placed on the table.
  • Choose salad rather than fries and avoid sides like onion rings
  • Downsize rather than supersize
  • Choose ketchup or mustard rather than mayo and opt for fat-free dressing on your salad
  • If you can’t resist fries or a dessert why not share a spoon and share the love!

Pick up your FREE Valentines’ card in your local Unislim class this week, packed with lots of cute self-love tips, a fantastic competition, as well as a delicious Valentine’s Day recipe.

Not only will you receive a free Valentines’ card when you attend a class you will also receive a copy of our Balance Plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and let us help you feel healthy, motivated and in love with life!

Lots of Love,

Team Unislim x

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