With Halloween just around the corner staying on track at this time of year can be a challenge. Between the special offers on large bags of sweets and the trick or treaters knocking at your door, temptation is everywhere. We’ve got some top tips to share with you that will keep you motivated and on plan for this spooky Halloween

Eat a large meal

On Halloween night make sure you have a big pot of dinner on the go that will fill you up and keep you going for the whole evening. Our simple chicken saag is the perfect one pot dinner to eat before any of the trick or treaters arrive. If you’re full, you’re less likely to be tempted to pick at treats for the evening.

Only buy what you need

Halloween is only for one day so bring into the house only the Halloween sweets you need for the evening. Buying lots of packets and having them sitting there before the big day makes it harder for you to avoid dipping into them. Buy a small amount and store them in the outside shed if you must. Out of site out of mind is the best way to go.

Buy Halloween sweets you don’t like

If you’re going to buy in sweets make sure you get in ones that aren’t your favourite.  Your Halloween trick or treaters are unlikely to complain about the treats on offer so get ones in that don’t tempt you. If you’re not tempted by the sweets, you have in the house you’re not going to dipping into them before Halloween or on the night.

Don’t open till the last minute

Keep the Halloween treats closed, sealed and untouched until the trick or treaters are at the front door. Have your bowl ready at the front door but the bags of sweets aren’t open until the doorbell goes. Get support from your family as well and tell them what you’re planning on doing. If you’ve got young Halloween trick or treaters in your family keep them out of reach and out of sight. They’re going to have enough to snack on as it is without dipping into your stash.

Know Your Treat Bites

Enjoy your Halloween and allow yourself to have a treat but make sure you know the value of your treat bites and keep yourself on plan. Just 15 monkey nuts are 2.5 bites and they are so easy to snack away on without paying attention. Save up some treat bites and know exactly what you’re going to have. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t be tempted to add in some extras.

No Excuses get to class

Just because the kids are off school over the Halloween mid term don’t use that as an excuse to skip your class this week. Your Unislim leader is there to help you with extra motivation and advice this week so make sure you go and stay for the class talk as well. Getting support from your leader and your classmates will keep you on track this Halloween.

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