1. To become a member of Unislim you must pay a Membership fee of €25/£16.50. You must attend weekly to maintain your membership, and you’ll automatically be given 2 weeks holidays for every 4 months membership.
  2. Each weekly class costs €12/£6.95 – and you can pay as you go or avail of our saving bundles available at your class. We’ve a reduced fee of €10 for OAP’s and students.  Anyone under the age of 11-17 can attend FREE of charge, provided they’re with a fee-paying adult.
  3. If you miss a week and have used up all your holiday weeks, you’ll pay a weekly fee of €18/£9.50 on your next attendance.  After 3 or more consecutive missed weeks, you’ll re-join paying the Membership fee.
  4. Feel free to move around from class to class, to suit your schedule. You can attend any class in a given week.
  5. You’ll become a ‘Goal Member’ as soon as you reach your Target Weight which means you can attend your weekly class for a reduced fee of €6/£3.50 – certain T&C’s apply and are available from your leader.
  6. On joining please inform us of any medical conditions you might have, or if you become pregnant, so we can best advise you on our healthy eating plan.
  7. As a member, you’ll automatically receive an email notification to download our wonderful member-only app. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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