“When I joined Unislim Online, I was instantly hooked.” Angela Twomey

Start Weight

13st 12lbs

Total weight loss

2st 11lbs

Now just

11st 1lbs



Class Coach:

Helena O'Brien

Class Attended:

Unislim Online

At the start of Covid and a combination of a sedentary job and menopause I realised I was carrying a bit more weight which I wasn’t happy with. So I decided while I had a bit more free time on my hands during the pandemic I’d join Unislim online. I’ve tried every weight loss group, meal replacement plan and fad diet known to man. My thoughts were when I started that I’d have a great burst of energy followed by a few weeks of salads, boredom and bye-bye!  But when I joined Helena O Brien’s weekly UniZoom, I was hooked. From the first class everything suddenly made sense…she was so down to earth and normal…she explained that it wasn’t about restrictive eating and more about a change in lifestyle and mindset …and that change could be at my own pace, with no foods off limits and more importantly, that we all lose weight at a different pace. Helena also ‘Unislimifys’ recipes, sends them on to us, and she’s at the end of the phone to answer any of our many queries, she’s an amazing leader.

Thankfully I haven’t had any health issues however, there is a family history of diabetes and heart problems, so this is a major consideration in my journey. For me, this is less about weight loss and more about staying active and healthy as I grow older.

My family have been a great support… they love the Unislim recipes as much as me. Also, they are all into weight training and sport…and have encouraged me to become more active. Although I think they are avoiding coming walking with me now…..a short ‘stroll’ is about 5km now.


As an online member, I love that I have all the advantages of Unislim membership at times to suit me. As a shift worker UniZoom has been a game changer…I can attend my weekly online meeting while I’m cooking the dinner, out for a walk or in the car on the way home from work…or I can catch up at later…so I never miss out!


I love the Balance plan it gives me the freedom to eat what I want, I CAN have my cake and eat it. I now know that once I plan my meals it gives me back control of what I eat and I really enjoy mealtimes now.  I use my bites to make my meals tasty with sauces, cheese etc and this keeps things interesting. I know if I was facing the same old boring food every day I’d have given up long ago!


As a busy mom of two and working full-time, I love meals that can be prepared and put on the table quickly!  Some of my favourite would be Unislim Creamy chicken pasta, Avocado and basil pasta or Singapore Noodles. They’ve great cooking demos so if you’re new to cooking it’s the perfect place to start.    I’ve been at my goal for almost a year now I’ve final maintaining my weight….and that’s not something I ever expected to say.

The big lesson I’ve learned is that it’s important to be kind to yourself…we’re all human, we all have good and bad days…it’s how you deal with those days that matters…one or two slip ups shouldn’t lead to disaster. It’s important to brush yourself off and get back on plan.

My advice is to take a chance…back yourself! It might seem a bit daunting in the beginning, but with the help of your leader, the club hub and all the fantastic Unislim members you’ll be surprised at the changes you see!