Siobhan Ní Churraoin lost 8st and says, “Once you’ve started, it’s very easy”…

Start Weight

20st ½lbs

Total weight loss

8st 9 ½lbs

Now just

11st 5lbs



Class Coach:

Lisa Rowe

Class Attended:

Unislim Online

I started Unislim on the third week of January 2021. When I saw pictures taken of myself after the first lockdown it made me realise, I needed to do something. I was extremely overweight at this time, my go-to foods were pizza and takeaways. I didn’t exercise, I had polycystic ovaries, an underactive thyroid, and sleep apnoea – all those issues no longer exist since I’ve lost over 8 stone with Unislim. During lockdown there was no local Unislim classes in my area so I joined Unislim Online. I was shy about my weight so being online made it easier for me to take the plunge. I found the online experience great, I could listen to the class talk after work and check out the cooking demos in my own time without feeling pressured to be somewhere at a certain time. Lisa Rowe was my online leader; she was so supportive and helped me every step of the way.

At first, I thought the plan would be hard to follow, having to prep and plan food, but I really enjoyed getting organised and cooking from scratch and I learned so much about food I didn’t know before. The Unislim website is a great toolbox to find new recipes, to keep you inspired. I love the fact that you could have everything in moderation,

no food is off limits

and you can earn extra Bites if you’re going on a night out, having a night in or whenever you want to use them.

At the very start, I did find exercise very difficult. I would have had severe pain in my legs any time I tried to go out walking. I had pains in my joints and in places I didn’t even know I had muscles. But after a few weeks it got easier and easier and slowly but surely, I didn’t have any other issues. With my new found energy I’ve since re-joined my local football team, I’m go to the gym, spin and Bodycombat classes too,  and feel amazing doing it!

Life is so much easier now

I now love going clothes shopping because I can go in to a shop and know I’ll find something that’ll fit. Even food shopping and planning is easier. When it comes to exercise, if any of my friends or family want to go and do anything, I’m happy to go with them; before I’d be putting off anything that involved exercise…

When Unislim were looking for new leaders I had just lost 8 stone. I thought this was an opportunity to open my own class in Carraroe West Galway.  Being a school teacher, I am used to talking in front of people, so it was a no brainer to get up there and inspire members like my leader did for me. So, I had a quick chat with the folks at Unislim and they were thrilled to have me a part of the team, I signed up and was trained. I found it all so enjoyable and now I am opening

My new class in Tír an Fhia in Co Galway will start in January 2022 and I can’t wait!

My advice to anyone thinking of joining is, don’t put it off or wait to start. If you are thinking about it, and it’s in your head just go for it.

It’s not hard – I suppose that’s the biggest concern people would have if they’re trying something new, that they’d find it very hard to get their head around it. Once you’ve started, it’s very easy.


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