No matter what happens I’ve won! – Rachel Monaghan

Start Weight

20st 10lbs

Total weight loss

11st 0.5lbs

Now just

9st 9.5lbs



Class Coach:

Laura Burke

Class Attended:


Rachel Monaghan has turned her life 360 and is back in love with life! 

 I was morbidly obese at 20 stone 10 pounds in January 2016 when I walked in the door. My leader was so supportive she said ‘You’re never going to see that number again’ and she was right. Within two weeks I’d lost half a stone and within four months I’d lost three stone. I started to feel really good about myself and kept going. Eventually I lost 11 stone with the plan 

I didn’t think of it as 11 stone to lose, I saw it as a pound a week over time.  

My son is almost 10 and I’m a single mother. I showed him my three stone loss cert and said ‘I need you to be my support’. He was brilliant and still is. I’d never walked before but now I walk four times a week and he comes along.  

Being invited to anything always used to fill me with dread. Now I love it! I’m happy to go out and I love dressing up. I’m now more open, I’m full of confidence, I’ve changed completely. I don’t get stressed like I used to. Everything is clearer now, I have more energy 

I was made redundant from my job last May when I was asked to become a leader. I was always interested in nutrition but never thought I could work in this area. In March I began and I absolutely love it. I get to spend more time with my son. I love what I do, helping other people to lose weight.  

No matter what happens I’ve won.