“I love that you don’t feel hungry on the plan, there’s so much choice.” Joanne Morgan

Start Weight

17st 12lbs

Total weight loss

7st 11lbs

Now just

10st 1lbs



Class Coach:

Deirdre Murdock

Class Attended:


My weight has fluctuated all my life, I’ve tried plenty of different diets and exercise classes but I could never keep the weight off. Having my kids also played havoc with my weight. Then when I was 28 I started early menopause which didn’t help. Three years later I hit another bumpy road and had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 31. My mental health was low and that made me want to eat more. I have back and shoulder pain from injuries and they just got worse as I got bigger.


As you can imagine I was fed up with feeling unfit, unhealthy and my mental health was suffering. I was unable to do really simple things.  I decided enough was enough and joined a slimming club.  I received lots of support from my family and friends. My father even started eating like me and has since lost a few stone. My 95 year old grandfather is probably my biggest supporter and he now tells the town and country of my achievement.


I lost part of my weight with Weight Watchers. And as they closed their doors in Ireland my leader Deirdre decided to become a Unislim leader.  Deirdre is a fab leader so when she switched, I decided to join Unislim. Deirdre soon had us hooked, I love Unislim’s brilliant Balance plan, their fab member’s only app and the great support from the members in the class, it made the change easy.   I love the App, you can track your food, your exercise and it’s got a great bites calculator.  I love that you don’t feel hungry following the balance plan, there’s so much choice. If you have the motivation and support from a great leader as I did then it makes losing weight that bit easier.


I also believe that exercise if you are capable works hand in hand with the plan. I do not and did not attend a gym or go to a personal trainer. I simply took to the roads and walked.  I walk every day, some days it may be just 20 minutes depending on work shifts, children etc. but it’s better than doing nothing. However, most days I do get a good hour of walking. Not only is it good for the scales but it’s brilliant for your head too.


My life has changed so much for the better. I no longer make excuses to not attend things like I did in the past, I was so anxious and conscious of my weight. I can do so much more without feeling tired and sluggish. My kids, niece and nephew feel the benefit of my weight loss as I have so much more energy. A new lease of life, almost like another chance.  Mainly my health improving is the most beneficial factor. I feel stronger physically and mentally.  It is just easier to live in general, especially going I go clothes shopping I don’t struggle with the zips and buttons and stress out in the changing rooms.


If you are contemplating joining Unislim of course I’m going to recommend it! It is so easy to follow, very versatile, no food is off limits. There’s so much variety and choice available to everyone. What have you got to lose other than pounds on the scales.