It’s been life changing for me – Majella Dunbar

Start Weight

20st 13lbs

Total weight loss

10st 2.5lbs

Now just

10st 10.5lbs



Class Coach:

Cathy Donovan

Class Attended:


Marvellous Majella Dunbar is loving her new lease of life thanks to her 10 stone weight loss win. 


I put on a lot of weight in 2014 when I had my baby Tommy. It kept creeping up and by the time I joined Unislim in 2016 I was almost 21 stone. Going up the stairs was a struggle so I soon realised it was time to do something about it. 

From day one I started tracking and each week would I’d lose a few pounds. It took about a year and a half but I’m delighted to be at my target weight now. 

I have lots more confidence now. I used to hide behind others in photographs, now I love getting my picture taken. Since I stopped eating junk, the craving has gone for sugary fatty stuff. I can still eat enjoy my treats, I’m not depriving myself at all. 

I love kicking around a ball and running around with the kids. I’ve a new lease of life, more energy. Now I’m not avoiding holidays, we’re going away, spending time away with the kids and I enjoy it all. 

 It’s not a diet, it’s changing bad habits into good habits. It’s been life changing for me and it can be the same for anyone. 

 I’m doing it for myself. I lost the weight to feel healthier and happier in myself. It’s such a great feeling. I love going out and buying clothes and living my life.  

 It’s the best decision I ever made to join Unislim!