I feel so positive! – Louise Fergus

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Total weight loss

8st 9.5lbs

Now just

9st 4.5lbs



Class Coach:

Michelle Gallagher

Class Attended:

Crossmalina, Co. Mayo

Mum of two Louise Fergus has the whole family motivated to live a healthier lifestyle and feels on top of the world! 

I was 18 stone at my heaviest and had lost 4 stone myself but I just couldn’t lose any more on my own. My husband said all I needed was an extra bit of support and he was right. So I joined Unislim in May 2015 and I’ve never looked back.  

It started after my first child, I put on two stone and it gradually crept up. I couldn’t even walk to the top of our road without being out of breath.  At my heaviest I had no confidence. I wouldn’t leave the house because I felt people were looking at me.

The goal I set myself was to lose three stone for my daughter’s communion. The week before, I hit it. It felt great!  

Now it’s great to bump into people in town who compliment you. It gives you such a boost.  

It’s frightening to look back. I was wearing size 24 clothes. Now my daughter and I share clothes. I’m a size 6 to 8. I cook all our meals from scratch. I do a lot of walking and a small amount of jogging or the kids will cycle ahead. We’re all healthier! 

I’m not worried about health issues any more and my kids haven’t been to the doctor half as much. I never thought I’d get this far. 

The kids are happy, I’m happy. I’ve reached a target that I never ever believed I could. I feel so positive.