“My confidence has grown and I’m full of energy now.” Brenda Leahy

Start Weight

14st 2lbs

Total weight loss

4st 1.5lbs

Now just

10st 0.5lbs



Class Coach:

Loraine Smith

Class Attended:


I joined Unislim in January 2022. My son is getting married soon, and I wanted to be able to buy a dress for the wedding that would fit me and I’d be happy wearing.

My energy levels were very low before I lost the weight. I’d never done much exercise. I’d always get a taxi to places instead of walking. I had very little confidence, too. I never wanted to go anywhere because I didn’t want everyone to see how big I was. I had put on a lot of weight during Covid, being at home all that time instead of out working.

I knew there was a Unislim class in the area and decided to join, I felt really determined to change my lifestyle and embrace it. The plan works and like anything if you commit to it. My leader Loraine guided me every step of the way, helping me to eating healthier. I stuck to the plan and went to class every week which is really important, you need to comit. Seeing the weight coming down each week was a brilliant motivation to keep me going.

The biggest challenge for me was changing my eating habits. I’m a chef, so eating at proper times was difficult to master. I’d come home in the evening and would eat crisps, chocolate and jellies. They were my downfall. But now, I don’t eat any rubbish and I eat at proper times. I make sure I have my three meals and my snacks. That’s what worked for me.

I walk everywhere now and my energy levels have sprung up. I feel so much better and my confidence has grown. To look at myself in the mirror is just a pleasure now.

I have three children and three grandchildren and my son is getting married in February. I’ve bought a dress I’m happy with… but it’s going to need to be taken in again!

My advice to others joining Unislim is to truly buy into everything, give it your best. It will work for you if you do. The leaders are amazing.

My goal for 2023 is to go out more and socialise. I lost my husband eight years ago. I’ve been through hell. And now, with this new confidence I have, I just feel I need to get back out there and meet my friends again, take on more challenges, and live my life to the fullest.