“I feel so much healthier & happier now” – Aaron Murray

Start Weight

22st 9lbs

Total weight loss

7st 8.5lbs

Now just




Class Coach:

Pamela Lane

Class Attended:


I’m 17 and knew I was too heavy for my age. It affected my confidence, my health, my energy… My mum and sister had both joined Unislim in June and after a week, my mum asked me if I wanted to go too, so I gave it a go. I lost ten pounds that first week, so decided to just keep going. I cut out junk food and immediately felt so much better. I started walking too. The plan is really easy to follow, and I find attending the classes each week is a great motivator – knowing what I’ve lost after putting in the effort, it just encourages me further. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from people in school, including the teachers – everyone thinks it’s mad how much I’ve changed.

I feel so much healthier now, more confident, and able to do things like running and climbing that I wouldn’t have felt I could do before. And I don’t feel as stressed now.

I started back at football training recently – I was quite nervous, but I did well, so that’s it now… I’ll keep going. I’ll get myself to the gym next. Having the support of my mum, my sister and my leader Pamela has been great – that made all the difference.


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