Success Stories

Unislimmer of the Year Finalist Marina Burns

After Before
Class Coach: Sharon Gannon
Class Attended: Galway City
Start Weight 14st 11lbs
Total Wight Loss 4st 10lbs
Now just 10st 4lbs
My Story

Meet Unislimmer of the Year Finalist Marina Burns. When Marina first joined Unislim Galway City with Leader Shannon Gannon she was 14st 7lbs and checked off all of the risk factors for bowel cancer, which pushed her to make serious changes in her lifestyle. Now 4st 10lbs lighter Marina is bursting with energy, and doesn’t she look amazing!

”I will never forget the day I opened up the Irish Cancer society’s website and looked up the risk factors for bowel cancer; being overweight, an inactive lifestyle, low fiber intake, alcohol consumption, smoking and family history. I actually know them off by heart because it scared the life out of me. You see, a few months prior to this day, I held my mother’s hand as she left this world for a better one, free from the pain and suffering that she endured battling bowel cancer. I knew I now had a strong family history but I also ticked all the other risk factor boxes, except one- luckily I never smoked.

As a mother to a teenage son, I knew I had to do something to make sure I was going to be around for him well into the future.

Over the years, I had put my life on hold to take care of my mum and my young son.  But I felt that this was my time to take control and look after myself – and really start living. I knew I had to start with a healthier lifestyle. I started researching weight loss groups in my area and I liked the fact that Unislim didn’t promote dieting but more overall health and well being. It was exactly what I was looking for.

On September 3rd 2014 I joined Unislim in Galway City. I loved the class. I met some fabulous people that I now call my friends. The encouragement and support from my Leader Sharon is just something else, there are no words I can think of that are good enough to describe her!

As my weight came down, I began to notice a big change to my life – not just my size.  Where I had been quiet and timid in the past, my confidence grew; some people were shocked I had a voice. I have excelled in my workplace in the last year, all because I had the confidence to put myself forward, something I used to never do.

My physical activity has increased so much I am not just fit, I am strong. I realised along my journey that it’s ok to put myself first and look after me. My son has reaped the benefits too, I never knew how he looked up to me and what a role model he sees me as.  I always thought I was invisible and I acted that way too. My positivity has brought my son out of his shell too.  I have lost 4 and a half stone along a funny, bumpy, happy, up, down and stay the same road – and I have enjoyed every bit of it!

I love chatting to others on their journey as I have been there and had the same struggles and joys. Reaching my target weight in May this year was a delight but learning to live a healthy life and feel well is a true gift. I am so glad I found my Unislim family!”

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