For some of us, a cheeky cocktail can be the perfect way to kickstart the festive season. To help you avoid sugary and Bite heavy cocktails we have compiled the perfect list of healthy cheats and mocktails that never compromise on taste and will add sparkle to your evening!

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Smart Sip Tips

A small glass of mulled wine can rack up 1.5 Bites, a Baileys 2 Bites or an Irish coffee 4 Bites!

Don’t undo all of your good work. A vodka soda or rum and diet coke are both 1 Bite each. As well as this, a vodka and sparkling water infused with a slice of lemon is 1 Bite.

These are all good waist-loving alternatives. Dry Champagne is also naturally low in sugar (1 bite for 100mls) – just remember to stick to a single flute or two!

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Snowflake Cocktail

Trick your taste buds into thinking you’re drinking a creamy cocktail with the moreish, super light Snowflake cocktail (1.5 Bites).

Shake ½ oz lemon juice into 1 oz of gin, add a dash of caster sugar and some fresh whipped egg white and enjoy.


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The Spice Tree

Nothing evokes Christmas as much as festive scents, such as ginger The Spice Tree 1.5 bites, served in a Martini glass with a sprig of rosemary makes another aromatic low-bite alternative.

Just mix 1 oz gin, 1½ oz fresh lime juice and 2 oz spicy ginger beer.


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Santa Aperitif

How about a colourful Santa Aperitif (1.5 Bites) to kick-start Christmas lunch?

Mix just 1½ oz of lemon vodka with 2 oz of light cranberry juice in a tumbler of ice and pour in a splash of club soda. Garnish with a spring of lime.

mojito nojito mocktails cocktails christmas festive winter


It’s often just as energising to drink something refreshing and non-alcoholic from a fancy glass. Make a Nohita with some light cranberry juice and soda water poured over crushed ice, a squeeze and slice of lime, fresh cranberries and bashed mint leaves.

Or mix apple juice with non-alcoholic ginger beer and lime juice over crushed ice, add a pinch of cinnamon and grated nutmeg and serve with a sprig of mint for a flavoursome kickass drink.

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