Berry Smoothie Bowl

This vibrantly coloured smoothie is made with frozen fruit, which you can buy in packs in the supermarket or freeze yourself. You can experiment with different toppings depending on what's available or seasonal. It's a really quick and healthy way to start the day.

1 Bite


  • 300g Frozen mixed berries, e.g blueberries, rasburries, strawberries, blackberries
  • 2 Bananas, frozen and sliced
  • 240ml Skimmed milk or unsweetned almond milk
  • 3 tbsp Greek yoghurt
  • 2 tsp Desiccated or shaved cocunut
  • 4 tsp Porridge oats
  • 15g Mixed seeds
  • A handful of fresh berries


Blitz the frozen berries, banana, milk and yoghurt in a blender until smooth. Divide between 2 bowls and top with the coconut, oats, seeds and berries. Eat immediately.