The 2nd February 2000 was the day that changed my life – I joined Unislim……….


I was only 18 years old back then and weighed 17st 7lbs.  Quite astonishing really considering it happened so quickly and without me evening realising it but when I had to wear a size 22 maternity outfit for my birthday I knew something had to change.


When I was introduced to Unislim I never looked back – only forwards.  My local meeting was in Newtownards and my Class Leader at the time, Liz, was just wonderful.  She was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable.  I loved going every week.


I gained the knowledge, help and support there that I needed to help me lose weight.  Realistic targets were set and achieving them felt like winning the lottery.  Eventually I got to my target weight of 10st 7lbs.  I made it!


I could not have done this without Unislim.  Their healthy eating plans are sustainable and easy to understand.  I was never on a ‘diet’, never hungry and nothing was restricted.  I was able to make those healthy choices.  My life has completely changed and I am a completely different person now.


In 2004 I decided to enter the Unislimmer of the Year competition. I never thought I would have a chance of winning but I wanted to celebrate my success.


I received a phone call to say I was shortlisted and was offered the opportunity to stay in Dublin for the competition.


After a short interview we were treated like filmstars for the evening and had a wonderful night. The next morning the winner was announced and I nearly collapsed when they called out my name. I could not believe it was me……….


We were all winners though and each deserved the title.

It was such an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. I got to meet so many beautiful people who had shared the same experiences as myself.


20 years on and I am still living the dream.  I still live and breathe my healthy lifestyle.  I know my life would not have been like this without my losing the weight I was carrying.


My advice to anyone is, do not be unhappy with your shape and size.  Change your mind, body and lifestyle now.  If was able to do it anyone can!!!!!



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